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Know The Price Calculation Of Whole House Customization

HSM cabinets
HSM cabinets

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Now many people have begun to customize wardrobes or kitchen cabinets, but many owners do not know much about the price of them, so that they are cheated by agents or suppliers. Therefore, we pay attention to reasonable use when customizing furniture, and the environmental protection index is even higher. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge together ~

HSM offer one stop solution service of whole house customization, in our website you can choose hundreds of different elegant designs with best price and quality, which included materails and accessories.

The biggest advantage of custom furniture is that you can maximize the storage and storage functions of the furniture according to your needs. Custom furniture will have professional designers to meet different needs according to the height of the family member and daily movement habits. If the company you’re looking for doesn’t meet this, give up as soon as possible.

Calculated by expanded area

The calculation based on the expanded area means that the overall structure of the cabinet is divided according to functions. The door panels, shelves, top panels, side panels, etc. need to be calculated prices separately. Just like hardware and pull baskets, they also need to be calculated separately. So the quotation will be clear, and you spend as much as you want and you need.

Calculated by projected area

The calculation based on the projected area means that the length * height of the cabinet, and then multiplied by the unit price of each square meter. Generally, those internal accessories are included, and the extra parts are calculated prices separately. We have some customers who respond to us: XXX company’s slogan of XXX USD / ㎡, but in the end far exceeded this price, so pay attention to the price changes in the later period, and the spare parts must be clearly written in the contract.

Above are some of the price calculation of whole house customization. I hope you can have a deeper understanding of it. If you need to whole house customization,  please contact us!

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