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Add Texture to Any Kitchen with These Five Suggestions

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Most people don’t take texture into consideration when they are upgrading their kitchen. After all, there are much more important things to consider. Don’t forget, though, that small details end up making a big impact. Texture happens to be a detail that is often overlooked

Kitchen Design Texture Is Important

You may have a lot of smooth and shiny kitchen features, but if you are not careful, such features won’t have any textures that balance everything out. All contemporary kitchen designs have streamlined and sleek finishes, but they can end up appearing flat when they are not handled the right way. You can add depth to interior spaces with texture. It is a particularly important element if the design of your kitchen is monochromatic or mostly white. Here’s how you can add texture to your kitchen and help make it look more interesting.

Mixing Up Your Elements

There all sorts of manufactured and natural elements that can be incorporated into your kitchen’s design, including glass, metal, stone, and wood. Use a mix of these to give your kitchen a “surface lift” automatically. As you can see in the picture below, this kitchen is rich with texture. The wooden floors, brick wall, stools, and slick countertop complement one another. This is hardly a boring space, and additional colors are provided by the hanging art.

Make Use of Patterns

Patterns offer an aesthetic impression of texture and dimension, even if they are made from similar tile finishes. For instance, in the picture below, the tiles of the backsplash are shiny and smooth, meshing with the appliances, countertops, and cabinet finish. Regardless, using smaller tiles (which creates more lines between the grout and tiles), with a multiple-color pattern gives the backsplash a more textured appearance.

Glazed or Distressed Finishes

Whenever a glazed or distressed finish is added to cabinetry, textural appeal is added. Distressed cabinets happen to be a dramatic instance of this. Thanks to the heavier brushstrokes and varying colors, a fake wooden look is yielded. With that said, even a mild glaze can add dimension, helping the cabinet’s edges and details rise up ever so slightly from their faces, flat as they may be. As you can see in the picture below, these cabinets come with a distressed-type finish, making the white cabinets jump out. Also, the backsplash tiles offer extra natural appeal.

Beadboard Panels

Do you intend to install an island or peninsula that comes with some type of raised bar? Think about the addition of beadboard panels onto the side, which you’ll be able to see from an adjacent living area. This alluring piece ads some texture to surfaces that are generally boring and flat. It is easy to notice the difference in the picture below. Texture adds interest, and the backsplash’s tile pattern is just as interesting as the cabinetry’s top molding.

Small Details

When trying to make your kitchen’s design more traditional, you’ll need to concentrate on things like cabinetry door pulls and knobs, lighting fixtures, and even the sink.

As shown in the picture above, there are a lot of detailed examples in that kitchen. The textured farmhouse sinks and reset cabinets mesh well with one another to create a mesmerizing artistic impression. The light-color island countertop balances the moderately-darker cabinets’ heaviness. The kitchen’s lighting fixtures give the space a personalized touch. If you think that the design of your kitchen is a little one-dimensional, schedule a consultation online with HSM today. We can talk about all of your texture options.

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