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3 Kinds of Kitchens a Shaker Style Cabinet Would Look Great in

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HSM cabinets

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As important as style is, timelessness is just as important. Timeless kitchen designs mean you will not be spending precious time researching remodeling suggestions in the near future. That is because your existing remodel will be maintained for decades. If this is a concept that sounds appealing to you, then consider having shaker style cabinetry installed for a kitchen remodeling job.

What Kitchen Style Should Be Used To Accommodate Shaker Cabinets?

These kinds of cabinets were initially built by a religious community known as the Shakers in the nineteenth century. Some of this religion’s guiding principles included utility, honesty, and simplicity. The utility and simplicity aspects of such principles were seen in their wooden, handmade furniture. They were particularly apparent in tables, beds, dressers, cabinetry, and ladder-back chairs, the latter of which they were renowned for.

Shaker cabinetry doors come with a panel and frame profile. In the world of woodworking, this is known as “stile and rail construction.” Design lovers enjoy shaker style’s simplicity. That is what makes these cabinet doors so popular, whether the piece contains contemporary or traditional designs.

Contemporary kitchen designers appreciate shaker style cabinets because they are uncluttered and clean. These kinds of doors may be kept as is, or hardware might be added to it, based on the preference of the homeowner. Although finished wood can add some warmth to a contemporary kitchen, they will look as good painted navy blue, gray, white, or black. If you’re interested in a modern cabinetry appearance that emphasizes dark wooden grains, request samples of a shaker cabinet door made from walnut or ash.

Transitional Shaker Style

Designers of transitional kitchens are partial to shaker style cabinetry, as they can serve as a transition between modern and traditional kitchen elements. Although shaker enthusiasts might be hesitant to make any changes to traditional cabinetry’s style, modern shaker doors can feature a moderately beveled edge. As small as this difference makes, this extra adornment can stop a kitchen from coming across as more modern.

Conventional Shaker Style

Conventional kitchens sometimes use this design style. A beveled edge can stop the design from looking contemporary. A light wood finish and/or a color from the farmhouse kitchen pallet will also preserve the traditional look. Distressed cabinet glazes are adept at achieving this feat. Selecting eclectic or antique door and drawer hardware can also add a conventional ambiance to cabinetry.

How Cost-Effective Is Shaker Cabinetry?

Shakers happened to be frugal people, and you will be, too, just by choosing this style of cabinetry. If solid wood cabinets are on the pricey side for you, then consider having your cabinets re-faced with a laminate door (the shaker style known as Prestige Statesmen is what we recommend). You can pick from over 12 laminate door finish options, all of which resemble real wood. Thousands can be saved to achieve the appearance you are going for. Maintenance requirements will go down significantly.

Get in touch with HSM cabinets to book a consultation for free in your home. We will tell you all about how your kitchen can be redesigned.

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