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Making Smaller Homes Look More Spacious Than They Are

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As we get closer to spring, many people will be indoors more than out. If your square footage happens to be limited, and your dwellings are getting a little cramped, a makeover might be just the thing you need. Before you start a renovation project, the tricks and tips below can go a long way towards making smaller homes look more spacious than they are.

Spatial Design and Smart Storage

Insufficient storage and clutter can make large homes feel uncomfortable and tight. When the square footage you have is lacking, storage capabilities need to be maximized, and that involves the use of a spatial design that is carefully planned. Tall kitchen cabinetry can utilize vertical spaces, and customized closet systems can optimize unused storage space. Clutter will be contained by default.

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Other types of smart storage solutions include interior cabinet accessories capable of organizing your serving and cooking essentials. They will also retain the tidiness of your kitchen island and countertops. You’ll be able to tuck trash behind a closed door. The pantry in your kitchen will also benefit from a space-saving solution. Your focus should not just be on your kitchen, though. Other rooms inside your home will also benefit from customized cabinets and optimized organization, including the bathroom, home office, TV room, laundry room, and more!

Purpose and Scale

When you add decorative accents and furniture to small homes, purpose and scale should be kept in mind. For instance, if you have a tiny TV room, then the space shouldn’t be filled up with oversized couches, cumbersome coffee tables, or giant fig trees. Decor, furniture, and area rugs should be proportionate to the room’s scale and have a specific purpose.

wooden floor for home

This is also applicable for flooring when planning a renovation project. If your home is small, scale should be kept in mind. Use small tiles and planks. Ensure that flooring seamlessly flows from one room to another – particularly if the living space you have is open concept. Luxury vinyl, wooden-like tiles, and creamy marble can be used in the kitchen and other wet areas. These options make rooms feel more open (as opposed to divided).

Optical Illusions

Besides maximizing storage, vertical kitchen cabinets can make your ceilings seem much higher than they are. Raising drapery rods will elongate space visually as well. Other ways of counteracting low ceilings or making rooms feel more spacious involve painting walls, moldings, and ceilings in a similar (or same) neutral, light hue. Blurring lines in a monochromatic matter creates the illusion that you have more space. There are other tricks that have the potential to make a home seem more open and brighter. That includes adding mirrors, as they will reflect light all across the room. You can also add glass doors onto the cabinetry. Traditional design options (for instance, streamlined furniture, subway tile backsplashes, and pendant lights can add style rather than overwhelm small spaces).

These suggestions can make small homes more spacious and comfortable. You’ll be able to embrace your home’s coziness, as opposed to feeling claustrophobic by it.

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