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What You Can Expect

HSM cabinets
HSM cabinets

custom cabinets direct manufacturer

You can consult our design team for any questions. Whether you’re installing high-quality cabinetry or are beginning a home renovation project, we’ll make the process enjoyable and stress-free. Keep reading to find out what sort of things to expect from us. You’ll find out how to begin, as well as how to go about accomplishing fabulous results quickly!


Start by looking at our product selection online, which includes a multitude of cabinet finishes and styles. From there, get in touch with us and capitalize on our complimentary room designing services. If you are trying to give your home a magazine-quality appearance, we can help you make it happen. The room you have envisioned will come to fruition. You will get custom layouts and photorealistic renderings, as well as lists of items required for your project. By shopping online, you will get high-quality products without paying the prices that franchise stores charge.

our design team

Before we get started, some information will be needed about the rooms you want to give new looks to. We have a measurement guide you can use – simply fill the form out below and then send it to us. After we receive your info, someone from our design team will be assigned to your project. You will hear from somebody within one business day. If our message isn’t in your inbox within that timeframe, check your junk mail folder. The designer assigned to your project will put together a room using the information that you send us. Within two business days, you’ll receive photorealistic renderings.

Order Finalization

HSM cabinets will work diligently to ensure that the final design matches what you initially envisioned. No additional cost is involved with this service. You are welcome to request revisions and changes as you see fit. When you see the design you’re looking for, request a cost estimate. Our design team will give you a quote, and if you find it out of your budget, we’ll try to modify things for affordability’s sake.

After the pricing and design have been established, the designer will provide you with information you must approve. Make sure all measurements are double-checked. Pricing should be looked over to ensure that everything is as it should be. From there, you can complete the checkout process online through several easy prompts.

After checking out, the designer will review your design and order one more time to ensure that everything matches. If the designer notices any discrepancies, you will be contacted before the order has been submitted. If any changes are made to the order, they must be acknowledged by email.

Meeting Deadlines

If you’re in a rush to meet some kind of deadline, consider the following suggestions to expedite the overall design process:

Tell the designer about the deadline
  • Tell the designer about the deadline, as well as when you would prefer to receive the cabinets.
  • We will make sure that all of the information we need for your design is on hand. Go over our measurement guide to verify that you have provided all of the necessary information.
  • Do not wait around for the very last day to get your order in if something is on sale. Sale periods tend to be quite busy. Early order submission is encouraged. The earlier, the better. The designer will put everything together much quicker for you when you get things submitted early.
  • Video appointments can be made with a designer. Click the link in their personal email signature. Speaking directly with us can go a long way towards helping you meet tight deadlines. We’ll be pleased to help you to the best of our ability.

HSM is The Custom Cabinets Expert

Custom Cabinets Expert

HSM cabinets is a business that grew from a demand for high end furniture from our customers who didn’t want the expensive price tag. Our professional team works with our clients on their design concept. This means that we can help you create the perfect kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry, walk-in wall robes, cupboards, cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room, and more. Contact us today, we will assist you in getting the dream products you want!

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