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Cherry Oak, Maple, and Oak Cabinets

Perhaps you have been thinking about investing in brand-new cabinetry. There is no shortage of wood options to pick from. Conduct your due diligence on materials before spending any money. We have conducted research on your behalf – in fact, we have broken down the research into the three most popular wood options: cherry, maple, and oak.

There are all sorts of layouts, finishes, colors, and styles to pick from when it comes to DIY cabinetry, whether you are partial to dark-colored or light-colored wood.

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You’ll find all sorts of ways to highlight the beauty of either your dark or light-colored cabinetry. Consider modern style details – take out old counters and convert them into conversational pieces the next time you host a dinner party.

Cherry Cabinets

Those with small children will appreciate cherry wood. The material is versatile, durable, and holds up to general wear/tear. Cherry also ages very well. Gradually, cherry wood changes over to a dark hue from the original light brown or red tone it came with. As formal and elegant as cherry wood is – which makes it a terrific pick for conventional designs – it also blends in well with modern styles. This wood is quite smooth, its grain is fine, and its color is brownish-red.

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Maple Cabinets

For custom designs, maple happens to be a popular option. A resilient and hardy wood with a light color grain is simple to stain. It also features a natural uniform grain in comparison to other types of wood. Maple is quite popular in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Its beautifully meshes with various finishes, glazes, stains, and paints. Maple cabinets mostly have cream colors and light brownish-red tones.

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Oak Cabinets

Oak wood cabinets come in two different types – red and white. Although white oak happens to be the stronger option, red oak is more versatile. Red oak comes with a much bolder grain. It resembles wood and can accommodate all sorts of finishes. That’s what makes red oak a worthwhile option for conventional kitchen styles. Conversely, white oak comes across as rustic and cozy. Its grain is much softer.

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No matter the reason homeowners choose to remodel their cabinetry (perhaps to replace an outdated feature, maximize storage space, or increase the value of their home), cabinetry upgrading is an exciting DIY remodeling project. Selecting a wood type is an integral decision. You will be using your cabinetry each day.

Custom Cabinets Expert

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