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Creating a Minimalist and Functional Kitchen Design in 4 Steps

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Everyone is talking about minimalism nowadays, with more people seeing the need to key into the “less is more” lifestyle philosophy. The remodeling world is not left behind – homeowners are increasingly considering minimalist kitchen designs that allow them to have fewer possessions in a less cluttered space.

minimalist kitchen design

A minimalist kitchen design highlights the supreme function and organization of a kitchen. If properly executed, it offers clean, simple, clutter-free surfaces, coupled with out-of-sight storage and sleek cabinets, to create an overall intentional décor.

Minimalist Kitchen Explained

A minimalist kitchen’s focus lies in its functionality, simplicity, cleanliness, and spare, clear lines. These are achieved by combining modern kitchen cabinets, a lighting fixture with clean lines, low-maintenance flooring, all in a neutral or monochromatic color. Minimalist kitchen designs are synonymous with grey, black, beige, white, and wood, or metal accents.

modern kitchen cabinets

Creating A Minimalist Kitchen

Similar to what you see in Shaker for Frameless cabinets, minimalist cabinets feature clean lines extending to the hardware for door and drawer pulls. A minimalist cabinet design may feature no handle whatsoever.  The minimalist design is suitable for all kitchen sizes but best for small kitchens.

Frameless cabinets with island

A minimalist kitchen is known for its multipurpose functionality, especially with the inclusion of an island. The role of a kitchen island here is to provide the space for storage, entertainment, dining, food preparation, and general kitchen works. For best results, scale the island to leave 42-48 inches around it – this serves as a walkway to create a free and open ambiance.

Converting a Kitchen into a Minimalist Kitchen

One of the advantages of remodeling is that it allows you to go with a new design entirely from scratch. You can work with expert kitchen designers to develop the right minimalist kitchen layout for your new kitchen. These professionals can also suggest low-maintenance flooring, countertops, and cabinets that guarantee the uncluttered look and feel for your client’s kitchen.

minimalist kitchen layout for your new kitchen

The first step in any kitchen transformation process is decluttering – it allows you to get a feel for the kitchen space. As a contractor, you are in the best place to advise homeowners to remove less important items while retaining only the essential items. This makes the place easier to organize and clean.

4 Steps to Transform Your Client’s Kitchen into a Minimalist Kitchen

1.          Clean lines

The kitchen cabinets in a minimalist kitchen design should have clean lines. For instance, Shaker cabinets have just a clean line around the door and the drawer frame, which blends seamlessly into the overall design. The Frameless cabinets have a sleek and smooth finish, perfect for minimalist designs.

shaker kitchen cabinets

2.         Clutter-free kitchen counters

A busy kitchen countertop leads to visual clutter, which forces the homeowners to clean often than usual. Cleaning a visually cluttered counter involves wiping under, around, and behind the clutter, while a decluttered counter is cleaned by wiping down the top and backsplash. For best results, the rarely used appliances should be kept inside the kitchen cabinets.

3.          A home for everything

Creating a home for every kitchen item means you can put everything away. It is advisable to go for multipurpose tools over single-purpose tools to minimize the storage space required.

4.         Excellent organization

Cabinet storage systems will come in handy to keep the cookware, plastic containers, and dishware organized and stored in the cabinets. There are different pullout shelving, peg systems, and organizers designed for simple and adequate food and dishware organization.

Cabinet storage systems

Top Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas You Should Consider

There are several style preferences and budgets to choose from when it comes to design ideas for a minimalist kitchen. You can decide correctly by focusing on the simplicity, neutral colors, and clean lines.

design ideas for a minimalist kitchen

We have identified five minimalist kitchen design ideas below to help you achieve clean lines and less clutter in your client’s kitchen:

1.          All-white frameless cabinets

You can easily highlight your minimalist kitchen design with these all-white frameless kitchen cabinets, thanks to their high gloss finish, which adds light to the space. The straight-line hardware accentuates the clean feel.

all-white frameless kitchen cabinets

2.         Stylish and neutral frameless cabinets

A minimalist kitchen doesn’t have to be monochromatic.  You can adopt these coral shell frameless kitchen cabinets to introduce some warmth and comfort to the spare lines and uncluttered surfaces. This improves the overall visual appeal of the space. The multipurpose kitchen island adds functionality to the minimalist design.

3.          Bold and neutral minimalist design

You can easily add a subtle dimension to your minimalist kitchen design by adopting these Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The charcoal grey finish of the cabinets adds a neutral background to create a style-statement floor. The open shelves are best for uniform stacks of dishes, creating a great visual appeal. The counter space, combined with the island, makes food prepping, dining, and other kitchen works easier.

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets

4.         Amplified height and light

This minimalist kitchen relies on the natural light coming from the large kitchen window, while the illusion of more space comes from the extra height of the room.

large kitchen window

This hack comes in handy for both large and small kitchens sporting a minimalist design. The ceiling beams are made of rich wood and add a sharp contrast to the white cabinets. Although there are extra design elements, including a blend of open and glass shelving, this minimalist kitchen remains airy and spacious.

Let’s help you design your minimalist kitchen.

Do you have an upcoming kitchen remodeling project that requires a minimalist kitchen design? Our expert kitchen designers at HSM Cabinets will be delighted to help you develop the perfect design that suits your client’s minimalist dream kitchen.


We also offer an updated Kitchen Photo Gallery where you can pick up inspirations to advise and convince your clients accordingly. Our gallery comprises the current trends, and styles homeowners are interested in.

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