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Benefits Of Working With HSM Cabinets Designer

HSM cabinets
HSM cabinets

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At HSM cabinets, we help you make your dream kitchen a reality at your dream prices. 

We are well-known for providing the best quality products at the best prices possible. With us, you can rest assured of getting your new kitchen at best possible costs. 

Did you get an outrageous quote from a competitor? Reach out to us with the official printed quote, and we will beat the price. This means you get the same grade, construction, thickness, width, and warranty at lower costs. 

Our team of expert designers is always on the ground to help you in every step of your project, without going outside your preferences or breaking the bank. 

We are just a call away! 

Working with an HSM CABINETS Designer

What should you expect from your HSM CABINETS Designer?

Our kitchen designers are friendly and professional in their conduct, so you can feel intimated around them. They are with you to transform your dream kitchen design into reality. We have outlined a few tips and steps you can apply to get the best results and ensure a seamless and productive relationship. 

Dealers and Designers

Our cabinet design services are carefully designed to help you navigate every step of the process. The ultimate goal is to help you achieve your ideal space, irrespective of your personal preferences or project scope. If you are bringing in your own interior designer, we will advise that they get involved from the start. They should also work directly with the dealer to ensure a seamless transition from the design to order phases. 

What is the role of the designer?

A designer’s role is to come up with a floor plan, elevations, and other drawings by factoring in your preferences and needs. They may leverage their knowledge to offer professional recommendations on door styles, interior components, decorative trims, and material choices

A kitchen cabinet designer often works closely with the dealership, and both will be in constant communication with you from start to finish. While you may bring in an independent interior designer, their roles may be limited depending on how knowledgeable they are about cabinetry components. 


In the end, there must be a great relationship between the designer and the dealer representative, as the latter will be handling the order process. 

How do you prepare for the first meeting?

Preparing for your first meeting with your designer is almost a walk in the park. Start by collating all the magazine clippings showing your preferred kitchen designs and styles. Outline the type of appliances you want and their costs – this will help in developing a budget. Assess your current space and see what you want to retain or discard. All of these puts you in a great position to express your thoughts and expectations to the designer. 

Visual communication of ideas

You most likely have vivid pictures of what you want your new space to look like. Fantastic! But you need to represent them in real images. Create a file folder of images, including photos, magazine clippings, ads, articles, and samples. These materials will give your designer a visual idea of your expectations. 

Assess your current kitchen space

It is very helpful to do some homework about your current kitchen over a certain period. Identify both the negatives and positives, and record them. These can be highly valuable information for your designer. You can also note your buying or shopping habits, frequency of kitchen use, what you cook more, and other vital information that may help your designer understand how you use your kitchen

Visualize yourself in the new space

What are your plans for your new kitchen? Are you planning to host friends and family in it or just dash in to prepare quick meals? Do you see yourself turning into a full-fledged chef churning out one delicacy after another? Or you just want to treat yourself to a welcoming and warm space while cooking? Your answers to these questions will help identify the functional capacities you need in your kitchen. 

Choose your appliances

Appliances are an integral aspect of any kitchen. This is why we recommend that you start with appliance selection. Do you prefer an extra-large refrigerator and a pro-style range double oven? Choices like these affect the spacing and layout of your kitchen, and sorting them at the early stages ensures the design process is seamless and fast. 

Take basic measurements

Although your designer will be coming to take thorough measurements before submitting a final quote, we recommend that you handle basic measurements like the room dimension, presence/absence of windows, doors, hallways, and their number and impact on the space. This creates a solid ground for initial discussions. 

Make a rough budget

Outlining a budget that factors in all the important aspects of the project can be of great help. While at it, consider things like demolition, additional purchases such as countertops or appliances. Discuss your initial budget with your designer during the first meeting – it helps them to understand your project and its scope better.

How do timelines work?

Everyone involved in your design project – installers, contractors, dealers, designers – works on individual timelines. This is why the communication must be smooth and open. You should also inquire and plan your timeline in line with your project scope, for instance, to accommodate the acclimation of certain materials. We recommend that you add two weeks extra as a cushion to the set date to be safe. 

Get in Touch with Our Kitchen Cabinet Designers

Your first meeting will end with a lot of progress made. Your HSM cabinets designer already understands your preferences and expectations for the project. You also have a timeline and budget to work with based on your chosen style. However, there may be additional meetings to finalize the design, especially for complex projects. Your designer may request more information; you should get the details together and in time for the next meeting to avoid delays. Feel free to ask questions or ask for modifications to the design or any other aspect of the project.

To ensure effective communication, you may ask for door and finish/color samples before placing the final order for the cabinet. However, these samples may come at a fee. 

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