Premium Custom Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer

Ready to take your kitchen to the next level? We are always ready to help with design and style selection. Soon, we’ll make sure you’re cooking in a gorgeous space filled with custom or semi-custom cabinetry that perfectly matches your style. HSM can help you transform your cooking area by designing and building new custom kitchen cabinets. In addition to adding value and functionality to your property, our custom cabinets offer a unique opportunity to give your space a personal style that will stand the test of time. As the best custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers, HSM is your strong ally in creating a stylish and practical cooking space.

Continually Improve Methods And Services For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

To deliver maximum value at every turn, as an expert in high end custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers with years of experience, we avoid one-size-fits-all solutions and treat each project as an opportunity to showcase our skills and impress our clients. Over our 20 years in the industry, we have constantly refined our approaches to consistently deliver state-of-the-art results that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Cabinets take up a lot of space in a home, especially in the kitchen. A simple change to them can take your space to the next level. Our designers can help you bring the kitchen of your dreams to life, including custom elements and on-trend styles, free of charge.

Custom Fit And Style

Designed to fit your home’s unique size, angles, or arches for a guaranteed fit. Our cabinets are designed and manufactured to be as seamless as possible after installation. Usually, we don’t use any filler pieces and scribe every cabinet to the floor and walls. Our installations are clean and fast, helping your remodeling project go smoothly.

Includes stylish cabinet details to complement any style, from modern to traditional. You can choose from sleek, on-trend open shelving to add visual interest to your kitchen cabinets. Custom doors are available in a variety of styles, from shaker doors to glass doors. And when it comes to details, soft-closing hinges, appliance trim panels, and interior storage enhance the style of your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Built To Last

Our attention to structural detail and use of high-quality solid wood, plywood, and hardware make our custom kitchen cabinets some of the best you will find. Crafted just for you, our products are beautifully constructed and built to last.

Made of MDF or plywood with maple veneer and sturdy box construction, our cabinets are low-maintenance and attractive. This premium construction means your cabinets won’t lose their shape, while easy cleaning ensures tough stains are a thing of the past. You can have them with durable, self-closing, quiet interior hinges and premium drawers that glide smoothly and gently. 

Creating the perfect kitchen is easier than ever. We have the best custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers and each kitchen cabinet matches perfectly with our wide selection of countertops, sinks, faucets, and other accessories, giving you complete control over the look of your kitchen and lasting for years. Small appliances can be built into the cabinets, so they don’t clutter the counters. We also offer a variety of storage accessories to choose from, so that you can enjoy a clean and organized kitchen.

It All Starts With A Conversation

Custom kitchen cabinets are not the only service we offer. At HSM, you can also find other whole-house matching products, such as home appliances, doors, windows, lighting, etc. We will never let our customers’ satisfaction fail. Our considerate customer service team will help you throughout the process and answer your doubts, such as via video conference, WhatsApp, email, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us to start your custom kitchen cabinet consultation!

Wide Range Of Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Styles To Choose From

Being a high end custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers, these cabinets are available in a variety of colors, finishes, styles, and door combinations. Ready to create your own unique look? Let your imagination run wild! Choose from premium hardwood or high-quality laminate, and enjoy unlimited colors and finishes to customize your kitchen. With hundreds of possible combinations, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect style for your new custom kitchen cabinets.

Door Styles

These are some of door styles sample, we offer 160+ door styles for choosing, please contact us get the catalogue!

Colors Painted

These are some of colors painted sample, we offer 60+ colors for choosing, please contact us get the catalogue!

Stain Finishes

These are some of stain finishes sample, we offer 25+ textures for choosing, please contact us get the catalogue!

One stop solution service, easily get perfect products for your house!

Free Design Consultation

Even if you don’t have an concept of custom cabinets. We will provide 1:1 WITH DESIGNER to give you professional advice according to your measurement. In addition, we will assist you in picking the kitchen style and door style you love on our website during this period.

Free Color 3D Renderings

We will provide free 3d design service according to your measurement and style. Normally, we will generate renderings within 48 hours, if you have new requirements that need to be changed, we will also provide you the renderings for free.

Save Your Budget

HSM is a Factory Direct produce Custom Cabinets over 16 years and also has a professional design team to our customers. We guarantee that all cabinets produced from HSM are of the highest quality in terms of materials and workmanship.

Fully Custom Cabinets

100+ kitchen designs, 100+ cabinet interiors types, 160+ door style types, 60+ colors and 25+ stain options for choosing, over 50+ countertop types, FULLY INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMIZE for you. We will realize your dream home with the best price, best quality, best service!

HSM is your best choice

We appreciate and respect that your house is a place where you and your family want to unwind and relax in a space that allows you to enjoy all the comforts and pleasures of life. This is what we understand is paramount to every family and for the past 16 years we have been delivering customised home solutions to families which have exceeded their expectations. We work closely with our clients discussing in detail their family needs and lifestyle requirements ensuring that the ideas, needs of our clients and design are aligned with delivering a customised product that delivers on strong workmanship, quality and superior design. We have a design team to work with the client on their design concept, for kitchens, bathroom vanities,laundry, walk-in-wall robes, cupboards, cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room and more. Once our designs are finalised with the client, we move the process over to our manufacturing team, who ensure quality control measures are employed in the completion of the manufacture of your product. ensuring we deliver on quality and high standards of workmanship. We have delivered on our word, and take pride in supplying our clients with the best home design solutions tailored to their lifestyles. We are proud to have serviced over thousands of clients who have had their dream designs become a reality in their homes. Our client testimonials are proof that we deliver superior quality that clients are delighted with, each and every time. We service clients around the world.

FAQs About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our design services for custom kitchen cabinets are 100% free of charge. There are no hidden fees or binding obligations. You do not need to fill out any credit card information. All we need is your name, email address, and phone number so we can contact you with your design requirements and measurements. Contact us for more information.

You can send us drawings, colors, and measurements, and our talented designer will come up with the scheme. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

For base materials, there are MDF, plywood, particle board, etc. We use solid wood, wood veneer, acrylic, lacquer, laminate, melamine, etc. And for the countertops, they are usually marble or granite. Let us know if you want other materials for your custom kitchen cabinets.

It depends mainly on the material you choose, the custom size, and the complexity of the workmanship. Send your space measurements to our customer service representative, and we will provide you free quote with a rough estimate for your reference.

Different finished and different quantity require different production times, and you are welcome to send us messages to learn the specific production times. As your reliable custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer, we are always with you.