About Custom Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a chair-shaped upholstered sofa that is long enough to rest your legs on, allowing your entire body to rest well. And a custom-made chaise lounge can not only provide you with an excellent resting place but also a beautiful symbol.

Custom Chaise Lounges
custom chaise longue with curved cushions

Custom Chaise Lounges In Different Shapes Are Available For You To Choose

The facing of the chaise lounge can be left or right, which depends on your habits and preferences and the overall layout of the living room. There is no strict rule for the facing.

In addition to left and right facing, you can also choose to customize the arm of the chaise lounge. Panel arms and pleated arms are the most common, which can support your arms or your neck well so that your arms or neck can get a good rest. You can also choose the single arm or double arm for your custom chaise lounge.

For custom chaise longue cushions, you can choose flat or curved. Flat-shaped cushions are suitable for more scenes and look more formal, while curved cushions fit your body curves better and make your lying down more comfortable.

some of Custom Chaise Lounge designs

If you need more chaise lounge styles, welcome to contact us.

Custom Chaise Lounges In Different Fabrics Have Different Charms

The leather custom chaise lounges have an unforgettable luster and smooth feel, which looks harmonious in the living room of vintage style or luxury style. With careful maintenance, this luxury can last for a long time.

The custom-made chaise lounges made of fabric look low-key but tender. When placed in a modern-style living room, it will not look particularly obtrusive but will complement other decorative elements to highlight the overall harmony.

A custom chaise lounge in velvet is another expression of luxury. Its unique and charming luster is not as ostentatious as the leather one, but it is still hard to ignore with its noble and luxurious appearance. A velvet custom chaise lounge can add value to your living room.

the fabric of the custom chaise lounge
modern Chaise Lounges

Details Are The Test Of a Custom Chaise Lounge Manufacturer

The chaise lounges are elegant and excellent custom chaise lounge manufacturers pay special attention to details to realize their elegance.

The base of the wooden custom-made chaise lounges must be carefully carved by the joinery to achieve the effect of smooth lines and perfect carving. The legs of the chaise lounge can be simple or complicated, but no matter what they are, the legs of the custom chaise lounge have been finely polished.

The fabric workmanship of the custom chaise lounge must also be perfect. No matter what kind of fabric is selected, the fabric of the custom chaise lounge is flawless. And the fabrics of each part are perfectly connected, and the connecting edges can even be perfectly hidden. These are the details that a good manufacturer will emphasize.

High quality is the material requirement for a custom chaise lounge. All the raw materials involved in customizing chaise lounges, such as solid wood, fabrics, and metal accessories, are carefully selected to ensure high quality. Only backed by high-quality materials, a custom chaise lounge can withstand decades of use and wear.

FAQs About Custom Chaise Lounge

Yes, we have a portfolio showcasing various styles and types of custom chaise lounge we’ve crafted in the past. Feel free to look through it to get an idea of our craftsmanship and quality.

We take utmost care in packaging and shipping our products. However, if you do receive damaged goods, please contact us immediately and we will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

We use a variety of high-quality materials in our furniture including leather, fabric, and velvet. We strive to source sustainable materials whenever possible.

Care instructions will depend on the materials used in your chaise lounge. We’ll provide you with detailed care instructions when your furniture is delivered.

Generally, we supply all the materials needed to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship. However, if you have a specific material you’d like us to incorporate, please discuss this with us during the design phase.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive product catalog. You can request a physical copy or access a digital version through our website.

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