About Custom Couches

Couches are a piece of furniture used for lying. It has to be said that couches are the core of the living room. Everyone who enters the living room will not ignore the couch. A carefully selected custom-made couch can not only provide you with perfect comfort but also reflect your unique taste and personality.

Custom Couches
sectional couches

More Than One Style Of Custom Couches

The most classic couch is a one-piece couch for people to lie on and rest, and the development of couches to this day has been more than that kind of one-piece couch.

Now one of the most popular couch styles is sectional couches, which are made of multiple independent pieces, have high assembly flexibility, and are suitable for any size of the living room.

There is no specific limit to the length of the couch. If there are only three family members in your family, then a couch with three seaters is enough. If you have a big family, a three-seater couch is not enough at all. You might as well extend the original length and add a few more seats in the middle to facilitate the family reunion.

The traditional couch has no arms, but now it is almost impossible to find a couch without arms. The current custom couch even has many styles of arms, such as panel style, pleated style, track style, pad style, key style, etc. Various styles of arms make couches have different charms, and you can choose your favorite arm styles of custom couches as you like.

some of Custom couches designs

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Different Fabrics Make Different Custom Couches

The fabrics of custom couches are diverse. In addition to a series of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, jute, leather, wool, and silk, chemical fabrics are also often used in custom couches, which includes polyester, olefin fiber, chenille, nylon, and polyester blend. Custom couches made of different fabrics are different.

Generally speaking, the price of natural fabrics is higher than that of chemical fabrics, especially fabrics such as leather, wool, and silk, because it is more difficult to obtain and process raw materials and takes longer. 

The price of other natural fabrics will be relatively lower, and they perform better in terms of breathability and skin-friendly performance. Customers who pay attention to the quality of custom couches fabrics must not miss the natural fabrics.

In the early days, chemical fabrics gave people the impression that they were wear-resistant, cheap, mass-produced, and have a poor feel. However, with the advancement of technology, chemical materials have also presented new performances.

The chemical fabric used on custom couches, in addition to retaining the original advantages of wear resistance, improves the original feel and appearance. Chemical fabrics have always occupied a high proportion of custom couches.

Vintage leather sofa
tufted couch

Other Details That You Can Customize for The Custom Couches

Your custom couch can have a brass frame or a wooden frame. The shape of the frame determines the general shape of the sofa, and there are various styles of frame shapes, from simple to elegant, for you to choose from.

Custom couch trimming is divided into standard trim, nailhead trim, and tufted trim. Nailhead trim adds a sense of style and classic sophistication to custom couches, while tufted trim not only enhances the luxury of custom couches but also prolongs their life.

Although the legs of the custom couch are small, custom couch legs are also a place where you can show your ingenuity. The wooden legs look simple and classic, and if coupled with superb carving skills, they can become a delicate handicraft. Metal couch legs, such as brass legs, exude a strong retro atmosphere, highlighting your pursuit of high quality.

FAQs About Custom couches

The cost of custom couch depends on the design, materials, and time required to make it. We provide a detailed quote before starting any work, so there are no surprises.

While we aim to accommodate changes, it may not always be possible once the production has begun. Therefore, we encourage all customers to finalize their designs before we start crafting the furniture.

Our customer service team is always ready to assist you. You can reach us via email, phone, or the contact form on our website.

Yes, we offer a consultation service to assist you with space planning and furniture selection to ensure you choose the best living room furnitures for your needs.

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