About Custom Sofa

The sofa is the star in the living room. People sit on the sofa to meet guests, communicate and accompany their families. It is an indispensable piece of furniture in a family. Customization of the sofa improves the experience of using the sofa, which is more in line with the preferences of users and can better express the personality of the family.

Custom Sofa
01-Custom sofas in different shapes

The Shape Of Custom Sofa Can Be Adjusted

The charm of customization is that everything can be adjusted. No matter how big or small your living room is, or how irregular the shape is, you can find a suitable one among those custom sofas.

For a small living room, you can choose custom armchairs and custom double chairs (or loveseats), while for a large living room, you can choose custom three-seater sofas and custom four-person benches. In the living room with irregular shapes, you can adjust the shape of the sofa according to the specific situation, or choose a curved sofa to make the whole space more interesting.

some of Custom Sofa designs

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Various Fabrics For Custom Sofa

Durable, beautiful, and amazing to the touch, ultra-soft microfiber is an ideal custom sofa fabric. Flat weave fabrics woven from natural cotton and man-made fibers not only retain the durability and resistance to deformation of man-made fibers but also retain the water absorption and breathability of natural cotton, which is also a good choice for custom sofa fabrics.

Natural cotton fabrics remain unrivaled in quality and aesthetics and work best with understated or neutral tones for a casual living room style. Soft and luxurious to the touch, chenille is rich in texture and available in a variety of fun shades and colors.

Custom velvet sofas are not to be missed in the luxury living room. Their soft touch, unique luster, and durability give people a luxurious and comfortable impression.

02-velvet sofas
03-sofas Cushions

Cushions Are Vital For Custom Sofas

People will spend a lot of time on the sofa, and the filling of the sofa cushion is the key to whether the custom-made sofa is comfortable or not.

Foam cushions are soft and supportive and have good resilience. Excellent custom sofa manufacturers can provide different types of foam cushions according to the needs of users. Because different foam cushions have different softness, different supportive effects, different rebound times, different maximum load-bearing capacities, and different service life. If you need to meet guests frequently in your living room, a custom sofa with foam cushions is more suitable.

Fiber cushions are soft and can hold you like a warm hug. Unlike foam cushions, fiber cushions are softer and more comfortable and are more suitable for sitting or lying down for a high-quality rest after work. The softness of the fiber cushion can also be adjusted. Excellent custom sofa manufacturers will also adjust the type and content of fiber cushion fillings according to customer needs, to achieve the most suitable softness for you.

Customization Of Sofa Legs Is The Final Step

Legs are the perfect finishing touch to the overall look of a sofa, and they are never overlooked in a custom sofa. Choose the right leg pattern for your custom sofa to better match the sofa, other furniture, and decor.

Commonly used sofa legs in modern-style living rooms are block feet, bracket feet, platform bases, sled bases, splayed legs, and tapered block feet. Simple in shape and smooth in design, these sofa legs create a gentle harmony with the rest of the decor throughout the space.

And some traditional-style sofa legs, such as claw feet, arrow feet, and club feet, have complicated shapes and exquisite carving, and the combination of traditional-style sofa can achieve the finishing touch. For the perfect custom sofa, don’t forget about the legs.

04-Customization Of Sofa Legs