If you are considering remodeling your kitchen or fixing it up, you will need to take inventory of what will be involved. The project will likely entail the countertops, appliances, flooring, and cabinetry. Before you even entertain the thought of planning this endeavor, though, put some time into visualizing ways to make the kitchen a reflection of you. There is no shortage of ways to integrate your unique design tastes and lifestyle into the busiest room in the house. Customized elements can rejuvenate your kitchen and give it new life.

Creative Glass Cabinet Designs

Rather than concealing kitchen essentials behind cabinets with solid fronts, consider using cabinet doors made of glass. Doing so will let you flaunt your decor or dishes. Perhaps you have some type of glassware collection that expresses your taste. This is a great way of highlighting whatever you keep behind closed doors in the kitchen. You can pair glass cabinets with solid doors to introduce a startling contrast. Using different door styles can create quite an ambiance. Two-tone cabinetry can be used for extra distinction, which can break up anything that seems monochromatic. Leaded glass, textured glass, and mullion glass all provide a slew of choices that range from traditional to contemporary. If there is a specific or unique look you have in mind, customized glass cabinets might help you achieve it.

Open Shelving Merges Function with Form

Standard cabinets mounted on walls over the countertop isn’t the only choice you have anymore. In fact, open shelves sitting over prep spaces and countertops can be quite practical. Dishware and glassware that is used each day can be reached without the need to open up cabinet doors. Though it might come across as a minor step to overcome, in today’s hectic world, you might appreciate a handful of extra seconds whatever you grab a bowl or plate. Open shelves aren’t just for utilitarian reasons, though. You can also use them to display decorative accents and art, be it treasured collectibles, framed photographs, inherited cookbooks, whimsical sculptures, or pottery pieces. In fact, the actual shelves can be seen as an artistic component of the kitchen’s overall design. You might want to keep it streamlined and simple, or you might consider getting creative with various finishes, such as unique colors or high-gloss, which will give your kitchen a personal touch.

countertop with laminate

Personalized Storage Solutions

Cabinetry storage solutions help you remain organized! You can utilize things like utensil and cookware organizers, drawers that roll out, drawer pegging systems, tray inserts (K-cup), soft-closing waste bins, and tipping-out trays. Do not underestimate how powerful a high-performance kitchen can be – it can impact the way you live your life in a positive way.

Wine Storage

Avid enthusiasts and connoisseurs should consider incorporating wine storage into their kitchens. This would be quite convenient at family gatherings and dinner parties. There are all sorts of ways you can store wine efficiently in the kitchen, which can be customized to your preferences. If you are somebody who spends more time inside and out, then small details can heavily impact every facet of the kitchen. Allocating time to the planning phase of your kitchen redesign will go a long way.

Work with a HSM cabinets consultant, who will make sure that your desires and wishes can come to fruition. Make a wish list for your kitchen, then prioritize everything you wrote down by order of importance. Once you do, you can begin exploring the potential of your kitchen!

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