Gray is often seen as a moody color, but that has not stopped it from becoming one of the trendy colors in recent times. Gray kitchen cabinets, kitchen tiles, and countertops are now common among homeowners looking to create both excellent contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Gray kitchen cabinets

Should you go for a Gray Kitchen?

1.     Gray offers flexibility.

Gray is neutral, and this makes it highly adaptable. You can either have it in its pure form or throw in a few darker tones to create a lighter color palette. There are three gray undertones: purple, blue, and green. Therefore, it blends easily with several other colors.

gray undertones

We respond to different colors differently. The difference is in the hormones released when the brain spots a particular color. These hormones influence our energy levels, emotions, and state of mind. The brain interprets gray as a neutral color, making it compatible with almost all styles and decors.

With gray in the mix, you get some depth and excitement without losing the crucial touches of elegance and luxury.

2.     Gray blends with several styles.

Gray is commonly linked with a minimalist modern setup. For instance, a modern gray kitchen gives you the feel of luxury always. This, alongside the distinct classic style, is why you can never go wrong with gray.

3.     Gray adds some warmth.

The warmer tones of gray offer a subtle form of relaxation, especially when present as a beige and gray mix or a “greige” color. Most people naturally find earth tones relaxing. With gray in the combination, it adds more light and shine to the space, creating an overall energized environment. Gray also creates a deep relaxation or some new level excitement when applied to contrast with other textures and colors around.

4.     Gray is synonymous with neutrality.

Whether you are looking for a color that stands out or blends in, gray delivers just perfectly. It offers a certain degree of flexibility when combined with the flooring, backsplash, appliances, and other colors in the space.

blend your kitchen cabinets into the background

An easy way to arrive at a simple and peaceful space is to blend your kitchen cabinets into the background by adopting the gray color. Alternatively, you can make gray your kitchen’s focal point by dressing major kitchen components in the color.

How best can you apply various gray tones in your kitchen space?

1.     Light gray

If you want a room that gives an overall relaxed feeling, the light gray tone is your best bet. Since it is less striking than the other colors, choosing the light gray tone allows other components and decors of your kitchen to do the expression.

You can choose these Shaker kitchen cabinets in dusk gray if you are interested in a perfect backdrop for your traditional kitchen style. Combined with the dark wood vinyl resilient flooring and the gray-white granite countertops, the gray cabinets create a perfect outlook.

Shaker kitchen cabinets in dusk gray

The frameless cabinets in light gray also complement the light wood finish of the floor to deliver an overall modern and subtle appearance.

2.     Dark gray

If you are looking for boldness, then you should consider the dark gray tone. You can easily combine it with other bright, bold colors, including yellow, brown, blue, or white. Give your transitional-style kitchen a modern touch with the Shaker-style kitchen cabinets in charcoal gray. It’s a seamless way of ensuring every component of your kitchen design shines beautifully.

dark gray tone kitchen cabinets

3.     Medium gray

Medium gray cabinets, backsplashes, and flooring can do wonders to your kitchen’s outlook. When you go for these medium gray Shaker-style cabinets preserves the relevance of your overall design while standing the test of time. It also allows you to do simple or major upgrades in the future, involving new colors and décor.

Top Gray and White Kitchen Ideas For You

Kitchen designers often combine white and grey cabinets to arrive at a gentle contrast and an overall attractive result. For instance, gray cabinets alongside a white countertop or gray cabinets and a white-and-gray backsplash will create a perfect décor.  Similarly, gray lower cabinets and white upper kitchen cabinets will deliver amazing results.

We are also seeing more white and gray pairs, for instance, gray kitchen cabinets and white flooring or white cabinets and gray flooring. While gray is neutral, designers have invented ways to develop unique and exciting outlooks creatively.


The proper use of gray can translate to a clean, peaceful room, showcasing outstanding design knowledge and wisdom. Do you want to transform your kitchen space into a source of warmth and peace? Consider introducing the right shades of grey into your modern-styled kitchen for great results.

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