You have determined that the time has come to have your kitchen remodeled. However, this was not a decision that you came to lightly. Planning the remodeling of your kitchen shouldn’t be any different. By anticipating what to expect from a kitchen remodeling job from beginning to end, you will bypass unnecessary stress in the future. Planning ahead will always work to your advantage. Keep reading this article to put together a plan of your own!

Time required to plan and design: between 8 and 12 weeks.
Do not rush through the process. Be sure that the timelines you set for yourself are realistic. Based on what your goals and needs are, allocate 8 to 12 weeks to planning and designing exclusively.

A Budget Can Be Formalized After Goals Have Been Considered

Choose a design for your kitchen that is reflective of your lifestyle. The design you choose should match your home’s athletics. Spend a good amount of time focusing on this particular step so that the kitchen of your dreams is coordinated the right way. When you have confidence in your choice of design, you’ll minimize your stress (in other words, you won’t worry about whether or not the right decision was made). Be mindful that if the design you chose is quite distinct from the remainder of your home, it won’t be cohesive. Conversely, if the design you chose is far too excessive, scope-wise, then your budget will be exceeded as a consequence.

After you have come up with the fundamental design, you will need to evaluate which areas warrant the most investment. If enhancing your home’s resale value goes hand-in-hand with the remodeling of your kitchen, several updates (including new countertops, appliances, and cabinets) will offer much more resale value immediately in contrast to other expensive upgrades (wall relocation, electrical work adjustments, or plumbing modifications). As far as plumbing is concerned, if relocation of it is necessary, understand that this process will not be cheap. To minimize your costs, be mindful of this from the get-go so that the remodeling accommodates your existing plumbing. Another vital aspect of your kitchen remodeling is electrical work, since the kitchen will need more power than any other room in your home. If your kitchen is on the older side, think about adding extra circuits in order to have your power supply increased. This will be necessary to accommodate your appliances, as well as extra outlets needed for smart devices and chargers that modern kitchens come equipped with nowadays. Ask the designer how you can incorporate these things into the overall design.

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If you’re interested in buying essential kitchen components at the same time, speak to HSM cabinets to get a packaged rate. We are a single-stop service solution provider that can accommodate all kitchen remodeling jobs, regardless of the configuration involved.

Design Plan Creation

Kickoff the process by developing measurements for the floorplan, which will make things easier for the designer. You need to measure all components precisely before any remodeling can begin. If a contractor is involved, they can help you with certain options. If you’re doing things yourself, each one of these choices is your responsibility entirely. As such, it is imperative that you understand the precise dimensions in your kitchen. Do you need some assistance? Ask to see our catalog – it contains a convenient measurement guide that can help you with each and every step involved in the process.

Assuming your budget permits it, a professional interior designer can create an actionable plan for your project. This can save you a lot of time, which you can spend finding a trustworthy contractor. If your budget doesn’t permit it, HSM can provide you with a design consultation for free, helping you design your interior without any added costs. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our gallery containing past projects we have worked on for customers. Our catalog also contains several kitchen remodeling trends and tips that you might find interesting.

THE ADVANTAGE OF HSM CABINETS - We Offer a Consultation and Design Plan For Free
If you are unsure about where to start when planning a remodeling of your kitchen, think about levering the services of HSM’s cabinetry design team. Our company provides virtual or in-store design consultations for homes at no charge. Our professional designers will analyze your requirements. They can accommodate your budget, as well as tell you what you need to consider. Your consultation will include a complimentary design plan. It will provide you with a sense of what your total costs, needs, and timeline will be in order to complete this project. Further, the designer you speak with will actually be the individual working on your kitchen project.

Time necessary to select a contractor: between 2 and 4 weeks.

You are now ready to turn your kitchen remodeling plan from a concept into a reality. Now you need to figure out who is conducting the work – are you doing it yourself, or will you be employing a contractor?

Contractors are trained specifically to work on kitchens. As such, they know the ins-and-outs that come with kitchen remodeling. These experts can assist you with layout or design changes while the project is going on. They can even walk you through what you need to do if you are hit with surprises. A trustworthy contractor will be insured and licensed, and can get the job done a lot faster than if you. If you choose to use a contractor, spend some time vetting candidates for the project. The person you hire will be responsible for the busiest room in your home, after all.

Labor costs are the biggest disadvantage here, of course. General contractors, on average, charge between 15% and 30% of material costs for the labor they provide. If a contractor charges anything less, you should question their trustworthiness or reliability.

If you happen to be skilled or handy with remodeling procedures, doing things yourself might be the better way to go. The biggest advantage of a DIY route is the amount of money you will save, which can be used to enhance other areas of your remodeling project. However, you might feel much more confident about certain areas than you do with others. In such circumstances, be mindful that HSM cabinets can give you some free assistance.

If you choose to do things on your own, then every responsibility of your project falls upon you and you alone. The work you do will have to accommodate your schedule. Conversely, if a contractor is hired, the job will be conducted on their schedule. Should a costly error be made, calculations misjudged, or if anything is managed improperly, you might end up spending twice as much to resolve problems, prolonging the project further than you planned for.

THE ADVANTAGE OF HSM CABINETS - The Implementation Is Cost-Effective
If you’re not comfortable installing cabinets, flooring, or countertops yourself, and/or you are hesitant about hiring a contractor, then HSM cabinets can create a kitchen design plan. We can also install items that you buy from us, and will do so efficiently. This will save you both money and time in all regards.

Time necessary for selecting materials: between 4 and 6 weeks.

When you have settled on an implementation route, and your budget is secure, the most integral aspect of your whole project can be worked on – choosing your design particulars. Using the guide you put together for your kitchen design during the planning phase, you’ll have the ability to select all the elements necessary to create a functional dream kitchen.

Your cabinets will be the very first element warranting consideration as part of your kitchen remodeling design process. With a vast selection of color choices at your disposal (brown, gray, and white among them) – in addition to shaker-style types of doors that can create a timeless and charming look, contemporary finishes for a more modern flare, or raised panels for a contemporary appearance, you can customize the aesthetics of your kitchen with HSM cabinets. Our professional designers will help you choose the most optimal cabinet configuration to meet the needs of your kitchen. Each designer focuses on functionality just as much as the design.

Besides cabinetry, countertops are equally important. They are usually selected based on materials used and what your requirements are. For example, granite can enhance any home’s resale value, but because of its porousness, chipping or staining could become a problem. Granite isn’t ideal for homes that house pets and children. Alternatively, acrylic countertops are durable, economical, and always beautiful. You can match them easily to all sorts of colors. Best of all, they’re non-porous and antimicrobial. You can explore butcher block, sintered stone, and quartz options with HSM cabinets in order to accommodate your needs.

The accessories you choose will finalize the appearance of your remodeled kitchen. This last step comes down to details – kitchen organizers, among other accessories, can enhance your cabinetry by minimizing clutter. Pulls, backsplashes, and knobs can also improve your kitchen design’s cohesion. You’ll be able to assemble visual components for both the countertops and cabinets. For a minimalist look, consider customizing your accessories in order to accommodate the style of your kitchen, whether it be traditional, modern, or transitional.

From board restrictions to local housing limitations to plumbing and electrical codes, each project will come with red tape you’ll need to adhere to (based on where you reside). These factors will need to be considered before your project begins. The last thing you want to do is begin remodeling your kitchen, then suddenly stop the project because of bureaucratic red tape.

Make sure the timeline you have set forth for your kitchen renovation is realistic. Add a little bit more time to ensure that all bases are covered. Regardless of how steadfast things may be, inevitably, surprises will arise. If you allocate some time for such surprises from the get-go, then you won’t have to worry about setbacks. This is applicable whether you are doing things yourself or you are using a contractor. By giving yourself plenty of time, you won’t have to worry about rushing the project.

Once you have all the particulars sorted out, you’re ready to put together the kitchen of your dreams. Keep the following in mind as you progress:

  • Remain in contact with the manufacturing team.
  • Everything should have total transparency.
  • Delays should be expected.
  • Patience is essential!
THE ADVANTAGE OF HSM CABINETS - Streamlined Communication
By allowing us to manufacture the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll be in constant communication with us from start to finish of the project.

Total time necessary to complete your dream kitchen remodeling project: between 30 and 46 weeks.

Your project is complete, and your stress levels have plummeted. You’re now ready to invite people over so they can appreciate all of the work that has been done. You can show off your dream kitchen and brag about all of the updates you have given it. Whether you are settling into the house or selling it, a newly remodeled kitchen should be celebrated.

Are you prepared to put together the steps necessary to build a dream kitchen? Take a look at our gallery of before-and-after pictures for inspiration. You can also ask HSM for a design consultation at no charge in order to get things rolling!

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