What is your opinion of laminate cabinets? To you, do they come across as cheap and unable to last? Maybe you’ve envisioned laminate particleboard cabinets, enticed by the peel or blister after seeing it accidentally splashed. Not all laminate cabinets are made the same way, though.

Breakthroughs in technology have turned laminate cabinets into an item that rivals actual wood. Some say laminate cabinets are superior to wood as far as price, longevity, durability, and maintenance goes. Thanks to revolutionary design advancements, exterior veneers resembling real wood can be developed. Materials today are more durable than ever, allowing zero-maintenance cabinet exteriors to come into existence – ones you can wipe clean effortlessly. You won’t have to worry about potential damage or ongoing upkeep, either.

One negative aspect of wood is that it warrants maintenance. Wood has been known to warp, split, and stain when not maintained properly. It needs washing on a regular basis with soap and warm water. It might even need some refinishing or oiling from time to time. If you are fond of the appearance of wood, yet require something a lot easier to maintain for your kitchen, then you are encouraged to consider laminate.

If you are considering laminate cabinets, you should know that there are variations of the material, and not all of them are created the same way. When it comes to laminate, the highest quality options are the ones produced from Medium Density Filterboard (MDF). If you decide to have laminate cabinets installed in your kitchen, be on the lookout for those letters. There is a big value difference between MDF and particleboard.

Your Laminate Cabinets Will Deceive People into Thinking That They Are Made of Real Wood

A lot of people mistake laminate cabinets with actual wood. Visitors in your kitchen will be just as clueless! Check out these kitchens containing laminate cabinets – I was under the impression that all seven of them were made with real wood!

Laminate Is Right for White

As far as white cabinetry goes, laminate should be used for the exterior. White happens to be a popular color for cabinets, but it exposes fingerprints very easily. As such, a surface requiring little-to-no maintenance will be very advantageous to you. When you have wooden cabinets painted white, the ways you can go about cleaning them are quite limited. Also, wood is vulnerable to warping, among other imperfections.

Are Those Cherry Cabinets, or Are They Laminate?

The cherry color cabinets below are made of laminate. I was completely fooled, believing they were actual wood. The meticulous details of those doors’ raised panels have really helped with the illusion of having cherry cabinets. The realistic grain and warm coloring don’t hurt, either!

Highlight Your Laminate with Dark and Deep Wood Tones

The galley kitchen below boasts a warm finish (tropical mahogany) that can even deceive designers! All wood grains within the exterior veneer replicate actual mahogany wood, producing depth and persuasive visual appeal. As you can see, the kitchen is a showstopper. The homeowner only paid a portion of what actual wooden cabinetry would have cost him.

Gray and Laminate Blend Well with Each Other

Just as laminate is ideal for white colored cabinets, they are as complementary for gray colored cabinets. Because gray is somewhat of a flat tone, fingerprints and dirt that accumulate will be noticeable in comparison to those same things on wood grain surfaces. As with white, the wooden counterpart will be given some gray paint. Even cabinets painted professionally warrant much more maintenance. They will not be as resilient or durable in comparison to laminate cabinets of high quality.

Reclaimed Wood and Laminate Cabinets, Minus the Wood

If you are partial to a reclaimed wood appearance, you may be wondering what it costs. It is very expensive, but fortunately, laminate that resembles reclaimed wood has the exact same price as laminate that resembles traditional wood. That means nothing is stopping you from achieving the rustic appearance you have visualized, and you don’t need to break the bank to get it.

Laminate Imitates Light Perfectly for Medium Tones of Wood As Well

The laminate cabinets in this kitchen showcase a hazelnut finish. The cabinets’ luminosity articulates a natural sheen, much like the ones exhibited by real wood when certain finishes are used. Ultimately, there isn’t any type of wood laminate can’t impersonate successfully.

Laminate Cabinets That Are Glazed Can Be Much More Convincing

The example below displays the door’s craftsmanship with its black, rich glaze. A cabinet glaze can enhance visual interest while making your cabinets resemble real wood.

Buy Laminate Cabinets From HSM

The seven kitchen cabinets mentioned above are maintenance-free and are almost indiscernible from actual wood. There are plenty of colors and finishes at your disposal with laminate. If you’ve visualized a particular look, chances are it already exists. If you need a professional design consultation or just some advice, get in touch with us for free. The showroom will be brought right to you, allowing you to see precisely how your kitchen can be enhanced by our cabinets.


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