Balancing out the need for having a practical kitchen with a gorgeous, high-end design may be quite a challenge. It doesn’t take very long for clutter to accumulate, particularly in rooms that get a lot of traffic (such as the kitchen). There is nothing aesthetically-pleasing about messes. How can you go about maintaining the look of an exquisite kitchen? Through storage. Here is how you can integrate storage into both your kitchen cabinets and island.

integrate storage into both your kitchen cabinets and island

Interior Cabinet Accessories Will Help You Organize Things Better

Storage begins behind the kitchen’s cabinetry doors and island. Whenever you open up your kitchen doors, what is the first thing that you notice? Probably some casserole dishes and trays concealing your high-end plates, if you’re like most people. Sometimes, putting things in places they fit best makes sense. However, if you organize your cabinetry by category while using interior accessories developed for this purpose, clutter will be something you’re in control of.

Begin with the fundamentals. Find a cookware organizer with 2-tiers. It should be able to fit your lids, pans, and pots, along with your daily dinner essentials. Consider getting some kind of tray divider to separate your serving trays, pans, and cookie sheets.

Some people incorporate Lazy Susan’s right into the corner cabinetry in order to optimize blind space. These tweaks will simplify the process of organizing your dinnerware and cookware.

Clear the Countertops and Floors by Making Kitchen Cabinet Adjustments

After your cabinets have been organized, your countertop and floor space can be reclaimed. Many homeowners keep their recycling bins and garbage cans in a corner somewhere, or within the kitchen island. Another option is on the table for you, one that is more discreet and stylish. Pull-out garbage containers (both double and single) can be placed inside base cabinets for the sake of concealing your recycling and trash. You’ll end up with a more trendy kitchen, as well as extra room on your floor.

Small appliances happen to be common clutter culprits on countertops. However, it isn’t very hard to conceal your toaster, mixer, or blender with some cabinet enhancement. We suggest using a lift capable of storing small appliances like heavy-duty mixers in some kind of base cabinet. That way, it will pop out mechanically whenever it’s needed.

“Appliance garages” are also an option that can help you conceal appliances sitting on countertops. Some of the older appliance garage models weren’t very stylish, but the modern designs come across as more appealing. They’ll serve as extension cabinets, seamlessly concealing smaller appliances in order to make your kitchen more minimalistic, aesthetically-pleasing, and cleaner.

Use Fillers and Doors to Keep Daily Items like Aluminum Foil and Spices Stored

One great hack to seamlessly blend storage and style in your kitchen is to optimize space that normally goes unused. Such places include fillers between cabinetry and the very back of cabinet doors. Using certain accessories, these areas can be utilized to keep all sorts of daily items stored.

An organizer can turn a neglected filler into one very functional spice rack. You can also simplify your life by having a mount installed on a pantry door or wall cabinet. Storage involves more than just the optimization of shelves – by capitalizing on every aspect of the kitchen, you’ll be able to nip clutter in the bud permanently.

Kitchen Cabinets Expert

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