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Are you interested in importing wholesale kitchen cabinets out of China?

HSM Kitchen Simplifies the Way You Save Money!

HSM is a team of professional designers, manufacturers, and exporters of quality wholesale kitchen/bathroom cabinets (as well as bedroom wardrobes), offering one-stop services with significant savings! More than 40 countries order from our wholesale catalog.

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China happens to be the largest market and exporter for different products. That is why most S&P 500 companies conduct business in China.

Why You Should Be Buying from China

Investors want to see returns when a lot of money is at stake – especially when construction is involved. Contractors expect building materials to be delivered on schedule the right way. High-end users expect functionality, beauty, and products that withstand the test of time. When you factor in your order’s cost – not to mention VAT, customs, and shipping charges – you will notice how much money you can save by placing an order with our company. Our export/import experts can answer any questions you have, no matter what country you are ordering from. Before placing an order from hsm, speak to us and learn how we can help you save thousands of dollars.

These Days, Chinese-manufactured Cabinets are Synonymous with Utility, Beauty, and Durability.

HSM works alongside the following


It would be quite convenient to have one resource that can help you save money, wouldn’t it? Thanks to our company, this isn’t a pipe dream! You’ll be able to order wholesale kitchen cabinets of high quality at a fraction of the cost that other manufacturers charge. Our professionals speak English fluently and can navigate you through each step in detail, allowing you to coordinate your order and import the things you need. The process of ordering quality cabinets could not be easier!


We provide drawings in 2D – as well as 3D – to simplify your project. Upon request, a designer can meet with you by video meeting in order to calculate and measure the needs of your project properly.


Time is money, and as such, a delay can result in a loss of income. You will be able to import a kitchen cabinet of high quality out of China. Our extensive production abilities let us manufacture customized designs and/or fulfill orders on time. Your kitchen cabinets will be packaged with flat assembly, or you can choose to have it delivered through another packaging preference as required. If requested, our staff can visit the job site of your project in order to assist with installation and assembly.


Each delivery comes with transparent packaging lists, which clarifies which items are included. This can help expedite the customs clearance process during delivery.


You need to deal with somebody with experience if you want to increase profits and reduce expenses. Our sales, production, and design teams are reliable and stable. We understand how to put together gorgeous bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom closets/wardrobes. We can do this for you at a wholesale cost with cutting-edge equipment from Germany. We then take care of export logistics in order to get containers over to you.


We have exported about 150,000 units per year over the decade that we have been in business. That gives us a competitive edge!


We have put together a strong reputation, as far as service quality goes. The high-end craftsmanship we put into our bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen cabinets are “made to order.” The vanity designs for bathrooms and kitchen cabinets utilize modern materials and classic standbys. You can order kitchen cabinets made of solid wood, lacquer, veneer, melamine, and UV. No matter what your project entails, you will find the finishes and materials you need in our inventory.


Each panel is labeled with a QR code. Upon scanning it, we will have the information needed to manufacture, monitor, and prepare your order. Because of this, human error is a non-issue.
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Powerful Marketing Abilities

What does your project need? You can work alongside our designers, select one of our designs, or use your own. Our company uses German HOMAG equipment to fabricate cabinets with precision. Everything we work on comes with high-end craftsmanship.

Our massive workshop and factory measures in at over 355,000 ft.². Our company happens to be one of the biggest manufacturers of cabinets in China. In fact, none of our competitors can match the experience we have. We concentrate on quality SERVICE while offering you bulk production abilities centered around quality, precision, and detail. Our warehouse has five individual production lines used for PVC filming, hole drilling, lacquering, cutting, and edge banding. We are capable of delivering as many as 6000 custom sets or as much as 9000 cabinets each month.

Project Assistance

Our sales, production, and design staff provides you with top-of-the-line service and help throughout each stage of this process. Project brokers, construction design companies, builders, contractors, and developers worldwide recognize our professional standards, exemplary designs, and meticulous attentiveness. Allow us to help you if you have never ordered a kitchen cabinet from China before!

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Economical Cabinets Wholesale Prices Aren’t the Only Thing You Get from Us

Professional support

You will receive professional assistance promptly via English-speaking employees from the get-go. Our knowledgeable staff will navigate you through the process of ordering, production, shipping, and, of course, delivery.

Production of equipment

Our company uses materials of high quality, production software, and top-of-the-line German machinery to craft beautiful and sturdy kitchen cabinets.

Comprehensive export experience

Our company understands exporting goods better than anyone. We can answer any questions you have immediately and tell you everything you need to know. Once your order has been confirmed, and a deposit has been made, we will take care of you from start to finish of this process. From there, your order will be carefully packed up before we make arrangements to deliver it to you. Once the initial manufacturing process is completed, we will give your team installation instructions, in addition to any relevant documentation for customs clearances. Shipping details will also be provided, as transportation times differ per country.

Production capacity

Constructing high-quality cabinets is what we specialize in. We will make customizations as per your specifications. Your order will be sent to you punctually. Best of all, the price you pay will be significantly cheaper than if you ordered locally. It doesn’t matter how large your order is – we will be able to accommodate it. Our warehouse has five different production lines used for PVC filming, hole drilling, lacquering, cutting, and edge banding. On average, we manufacture 5000 custom sets or 8000 cabinet units per month. None of our competitors can give you the variety of options that we can, as far as bathroom vanities, bedroom wardrobes/closets, and kitchen cabinets go.

Design and measurement

Conceptual drawings in 2D – as well as 3D – will be provided. If desired, a designer can be sent to your job site and take precise measurements before quantities are ordered. Before your order is manufactured as per your specifications, an order markup will be prepared to confirm pertinent details.

Quality control

Our company labels every panel with a relevant QR code. This allows us to scan pieces and obtain the details we require for your order. This step helps bypass human error.

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HSM Kitchens is One of the Leading Chinese Manufacturers of Cabinets Because of the Following Reasons:

We don’t cut corners on quality checks

Our company uses precise production software in conjunction with ERP (enterprise resource planning) when manufacturing orders. Each package and panel is labeled, allowing us to scan QR codes for the sake of tracking production. By combining every facet of the entire manufacturing process, our company has what it takes to lower costs and remain on schedule. As a result, your order will be received on time as per your specifications. Best of all, you will pay the cheapest wholesale price possible.

Quick delivery

We are better equipped than anybody to handle orders from beginning to end. Because of our extensive experience and modern technology, the entire manufacturing process has been streamlined. You will receive the proper quantity of wardrobe lines and bathroom/kitchen cabinets. We offer fast delivery times, no matter what country you are in.

Competitive, low prices

The wholesale pricing we offer is as competitive as it gets, and usually at a rate that is much cheaper than what a local cabinet manufacturer would charge you. Whether you are a contractor, designer, or builder, we will help you minimize building costs, which allows you to optimize profits. As a wholesale distributor or importer of high-end product lines, you’ll increase your income – all because you chose to source your cabinets through us.

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