HSM cabinets reviews

More than a thousand architects, contractors, and designers have become VIP members of HSM Cabinetry over the years. There is no cost for membership. It comes with preferential shipping, order discounts, free samples, and other exclusive benefits.


“ As a Bay Area-based kitchen and bathroom designer, my forte is modern bathrooms and kitchens. Modern cabinetry is pretty much the only thing I focus on. I found a line of frameless cabinets that had modern door choices. I was searching for products like the ones HSM offers…. ”


“ The reason I chose HSM over the competition was because I wanted to give my kitchen a contemporary appearance. Frameless cabinets were important for my project. The cabinets’ components are produced with a stronger material than what the local shop provides…. ”


“ I have been very impressed with HSM’s prices and kitchen design plans. Having the ability to check out multiple kitchen design views – all of which are rendered in full color – is astounding to me! They have no issues revising designs in order to give you…. ”


“ When it comes to cabinet lines, I go straight to HSM. They are able to fill my need for contemporary European cabinetry, which is what my clients expect of me. Best of all, they have reasonable rates without sacrificing quality. The drawer box and casework construction…. ”

Rodney Daniel Kerr

“ Recently, I was looking for something with a contemporary look, and it had to fit my budget. Initially, I had concerns about ordering from HSM, as my father lives on the East Coast while I live on the West. Thankfully, HSM simplified the process for me. The cabinetry is …. ”

Madonna Globe

“ We received top-notch customer service and a remarkable product from HSM. Their digital catalog made it very easy for us – as designers – to see what our size and style options were. Besides what we saw in HSM’s catalog, we were also surprised to learn that…. ”

Connie Daviskas

“ I love showing off the amazing cabinetry that I got from HSM. I love telling people about who helped me put together a modern and clean appearance in my laundry room, kitchen, and even the bathrooms. HSM Cabinetry lives up to their reputation, and they made sure that…. ”


“ We are very happy with the color and paint finish quality of our cabinets. Though it is vibrant, it blends in with the wood inside our home. The floating walnut shelf had turned out quite well. The wood was of great quality, and it nicely matched…. ”


“ I wholeheartedly recommend HSM Cabinetry to anyone – we certainly have no regrets using them. HSM provides various design choices for you. We ended up going with the full design package. The drawings we received were impressive, and didn’t take long for us…. ”

Michael Yule

“ Bathroom and kitchen design are what HSM Cabinetry specializes in. Their products happen to be gorgeous. The materials are eco-friendly, and the design is contemporary (and come in several beautiful finishes). We found the rates to be quite affordable, which is…. ”

Letricia Fitzgibbins

“ In the past, I worked with other cabinetry companies, and in my opinion, nobody has been more impressive than HSM. Their kitchen designs, choice of materials, and budget-friendly options are what keep me coming back to them with each project I have. I actually…. ”

Barb McArthur

“ Functional beauty was what I was keeping my eye out for. I stopped looking when I discovered HSM Cabinetry. I find their walnut vanity to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In fact, it happens to be the centerpiece of the design I had in mind. The walnut grain’s smooth…. ”

Siri Ellingsen

“ HSM Cabinetry’s team were a delight. They understood the challenges that came with our location, as we do not live in the same country they work out of. The company exceeded our expectations and made sure that we were well cared for. Upon completion of…. ”

Graeme Moore

“ This company has taken cabinet production to another level. If you’re a designer or homeowner, you are encouraged to try HSM out. They really have simplified my life – I can put together a design and place an order directly on their website. Their finishes match…. ”

Tracey Perry

“ This company impressed me for a number of reasons. They offer sleek, modern, and durable cabinetry. Modern technology allows them to keep prices down. The design software they use is user-friendly. The staff is friendly and professional…. ”


“ Recently, I have been on a quest to find a company that can help me with my remodeling ideas. The communication and customer service I received from a company that has a 2500 distance from me was remarkable, to say the least. I am very hopeful and…. ”