HSM CUSTOM Kitchen Cabinets

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Don't Pay $7,000 Somewhere Else!

Here 10′ basic kitchen for under $1,550 (was $2,384), or purchase a full 10′ x 10′ kitchen for under $2,200 (was $3,384)!


Up to 50% off!

• Alpha series up to 50% off

• Phantom series up to 50% off

• Terras series up to 50% off

• Champagne series up to 50% off


Over 160+ kinds Let You To Choose

160+ door styles, 60+ colors available, 25 stains, FULLY INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMIZE!


Order Our Cabinets Preassembled or Ready-to-Be Assembled

Our cabinets are available in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles. HSM’s built-per-order cabinets let you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality without compromises. Bring your vision to fruition with valances, glass doors, corbels, hood covers, and other high-end design elements. Allow us to take care of the hard work. All you need to do is pick out something you like from our collection of kitchen cabinets. You can save up to 70% in comparison to what local hardware stores charge. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise on quality!

Kitchen Cabinets That Are Ready to Be Assembled

Our kitchen cabinets come ready to be assembled. They are a cost-effective approach for a do-it-yourself’er to remodel, upgrade, or complete their bathroom with. You will find many assemble-ready kitchen cabinets in our collection. There is no shortage of casual, traditional, modern, and classic colors/styles/looks to pick from. To create the perfect setting, why not capitalize on the assistance our designers provide for free?

Kitchen Cabinets That Are Preassembled

Kitchen cabinets that come preassembled expedite kitchen renovations and upgrades effortlessly. You can choose a finish, cabinet type, and style of your choosing out of our vast collection. Conversely, a kitchen designer from our company can help you put something together at no charge. They can help you determine what the most ideal layout will be for your room. Our cabinets will then arrive assembled and installation-ready.

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