kitchen cabinets style


The biggest features of a contemporary kitchen are its simplicity and modern look. The decor is kept to a minimum for the sake of making spaces more clear and fashionable. Maintenance and cleaning are fairly straightforward, and the kitchen’s surroundings come across as natural and comfortable.

casual kitchen

A casual kitchen style integrates contemporary and traditional features, striking the right balance between refinement and relaxation. The classic appearance and simple lines tend to be praised widely. This type of setting is centered more on a space’s individualization, as well as its harmonious details.

traditional kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen’s characteristics are standardized, mature, and pragmatic. The setting is rich with history and quite spacious. It abandons luxurious and cumbersome features, and instead, combines elements of various styles. It uses comparability as a sort of guide, emphasizing naturalness, thereby creating a style that is relaxed and comfortable.


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Ready-to-Assemble and Pre-Assembled options

To facilitate your installation, each panel you receive will be affixed with a sticker, which will indicate the relevant cabinet number and component name. You can also choose to order pre-assembled cabinets. By this option, all cabinets and accessories will be installed before shipment. This option will charge additional costs for assembly and will also incur additional shipping costs. If you want to use our assembly service, please consult before placing an order.