When customizing a wardrobe, people usually only tell the designer that the space should be a wardrobe, and other issues are entrusted to the designer. Consumers often only consider the appearance, and the rest are all played by the designer. After the wardrobe is installed, various inconveniences are found during the future use. Regrets no mirrors were installed, no more compartments were set up, and no consideration was given to their functional partition height. This is because the designer does not understand your own lifestyle. Because everyone’s life habits are different, the design that suits him may not be suitable for you. You must design a design that suits you according to your life habits. Don’t design for design!

We will assist you throughout the process from materials, colors, and accessories to ensure you get the most satisfactory wardrobe!

The inner space of the wardrobe can generally be divided into bedding area, long-wear area, short-wear area, drawer storage area, folding area and so on. In addition, socks, underwear, ties, and jewelry are all placed with grids. According to your own habits. If you don’t like to fold clothes, and clothes are more likely to be hung, then there should be more space in the clothes hanging area. The long dress area and short dress area should also be based on your own clothing habits. There are more long clothes or more short clothes. Reasonably design the height of the clothing area according to your height.

There are several tips of the interior design of the wardrobe

1.Grid height

If the height of the closet is too high, it will be difficult to access clothes. Therefore, a suitable wardrobe should be customized according to the height of the host. If you want to put the clothes on the bottom, the clothes folded on the top are easy to get.

2. Spatiality

If the room is too small, the door opening may be blocked when the wardrobe is placed beside the bed. Therefore, it is recommended to use a sliding door, although the sliding door has problems such as poor sealing, easy dust collection on the track, and easy damage to the slideway. But sliding doors are also a good solution.

3. Convenience

There will always be underwear, belts, socks, jewelry and other small items in life. If there is no suitable place for storage and random placement, it will lead to clutter in the closet. Therefore, there should be corresponding wardrobe accessories to facilitate the storage of these small items.

The above are some notes about custom wardrobes. If you want to know more informations, please contact us!

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