About Wholesale Bunk Beds

Those business owners who wholesale bunk beds know that bunk beds have an important place in bedroom furniture and are a great choice for kids sharing a bedroom, college students sharing a small living space, or anyone looking to make the most of their floor space. Especially in children’s rooms, many parents will add a bunk bed for their children. This is a wonderful way to save space while providing a reliable and safe sleeping solution for children of all ages. Therefore, bunk beds have a wide market.

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solid wood bunk beds

find the most suitable wholesale bunk beds at hSM

When it comes to bunk beds, you might think of a classic twin bed instead of a twin bed setup, but there are plenty of other options these days. At HSM, you can find a style that fits a twin on the top and a full or queen-size mattress on the bottom. We want to bring you only the best in both quality construction and pleasing designs. We pay careful attention to detail, and our focus is to use the highest-quality solid wood available. These bunk beds are all made to meet your high standards while giving your customers a fun sleeping space.

If you’re looking for a minimalist yet traditional bed style, consider wholesale our trundle bed, which can store a pull-out mattress underneath. We also offer beds with storage, from built-in drawers to open-storage headboards.

some of wholesale Bunk Beds designs

If you need more bunk bed styles, welcome to contact us.

what kind of bunk beds do you want to wholesale?

The most common options for bunk bed frames are solid wood frames or metal frames. Wooden bunk bed frames can come in a variety of wood species or finishes to coordinate with many room decorations. Metal frames are available in neutral colors like black, but also in primary colors like red or blue to match your wholesale needs.

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Bunk beds with built-in storage

add fun to wholesale bunk beds

Now there is no shortage of custom designs for kids bunk beds, and of course some of them support wholesale. For more bunk bed types, please contact us. Here are a few interesting options to consider:

Bunk beds with built-in steps: It’s easier to climb to the top bunk with steps than with the classic bunk-side ladder.

Bunk beds with built-in storage: You can choose a bed frame with built-in bookshelves or a built-in dresser for wholesale.

Loft-style bed: A desk can be placed under the bunk bed for a cozy play or homework space. Or use the extra space for storage, like a toy box or a small dresser.

Treehouse or tent bunk bed: Raise the sides around the top bunk by adding a fun-themed treehouse or tent cover, which is more popular with children.

bunk beds with ladders or stairs are available for wholesale

HSM refuses to make bunk beds out of anything flimsy. Our bunk bed stairs are made of durable solid wood, as they are part of the main bed frame and need to be firmly attached to the frame. And a great advantage of choosing a drawer stair is that the drawers are part of the stair design and help maximize the room’s storage potential. Hence, it is a nice option for wholesale.

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about bunk bed assembly

Our bunk beds come flat packed. And require assembly if you need to display them in your showroom. Double check all product details before purchasing, and consult HSM’s sales staff if you have any concerns about assembly options. All the beds can be mattress ready for added convenience. Please contact us with any questions you may have, and we will be happy to assist you with your purchase! These tips and recommendations provide you with some useful information to assist you with your wholesale purchase.

FAQs About bunk bed wholesale

Our minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of furniture. Please contact our sales team for specific details.

We offer a warranty on all our bunk beds, the length and terms of which depend on the specific product. Details are provided in the product information.

Delivery times vary depending on the size of the order and destination. Our team will provide an estimated delivery time once the order is confirmed.

Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping rates and customs fees may vary depending on the destination.

Yes, all our bunk bed comes with detailed assembly instructions. We also have customer service representatives available if you need additional assistance with assembly.

Yes, we understand that seeing and feeling the material can be an important part of the decision-making process. We can provide samples upon request. Please contact our sales team for more details.

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