With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more families choose custom cabinet, not only because custom cabinet provides owners with a full range of services from design to production, processing and installation, but also provides them with higher quality home decoration product and more thoughtful service experience. 

HSM offer one stop solution service of whole house customization, in our website you can choose hundreds of different elegant designs with best price and quality, which included materails and accessories.

So what are the other reasons for the popularity of whole house custom service? Now, let me show you all!

1. Effective budget control

Before the house renovation, we generally have an approximate budget in mind, but most owners are not very clear about the prices of different furniture, so it is difficult to control the cost in the budget.

For this situation, choosing custom furniture would be a good solution. Since the owner can have one-to-one communication with the designer, the designer can provide a reasonable design based on the owner’s budget and the layout of the house, which can save you the time to calculate the cost and keep it within the budget.

2. Effective use of space

For every owner, regardless of the size of the house they are buying, they want to make use of every space in the home.

Therefore, the advantages of custom furniture are obvious. Designers can provide one-on-one service with the owner through the floor plan, and then come out 3D design according to the owner’s requirements. The design scheme can make every inch of space well used at home.

3. Perfect home decoration style

The decoration style can highlight the taste of the owner to a certain extent. The current European style, simple style, and classic style look the same, but they are quite different. But most owners are not professionals and therefore do not know how to distinguish.

Throughout the whole house customization, the design plan was finally determined after many times communications between the designer and the owner. On the premise of not violating the design principles, the designer can meet the individual needs of the owner as much as possible, and design the home furnishing style that the owner likes.

4.Save time and energy

In general, the owner may need to visit the entire building materials market and compare the prices, craftsmanship, design and services of some brands before making a final decision. And most owners ’time is very precious, they don’t have much time to do these things. Even if they squeeze out time, it ’s very tiring.

The one-stop service of HSM custom furniture from material selection design to production processing and installation can solve the decoration problems encountered by owners. The owner only needs to clearly communicate their needs with the designer, determine the final plan, and monitor it regularly.

Above are the reasons why whole house custom cabinet become so popular. I hope you can have a deeper understanding of it. If you need to whole house customization,  please contact us!

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