We sometimes forget how the color on our walls can affect the remainder of a room. Occasionally, just changing the color of paint in a kitchen can make the entire room feel more spacious, cozier, or bigger.

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, or simply want to update it with a new paint color, you may be wondering which ones to choose. With cherry cabinetry, you automatically invite a sense of warmth into the kitchen. Cherry wood’s natural tones heavily influence this element. To decide which color to have your walls painted with, you need to determine first if you want the color to coordinate with your existing cabinetry or contrast them.

Colors That Coordinate or Contrast With Cherry Cabinetry

When choosing which colors blend with cherry cabinetry, there are two routes available to you – coordinating or contrasting colors. Coordinating colors can soften the effect of any color tones that are intense. Contrasting ones will make the wall color and cabinetry more predominant. Cherry cabinetry can differ in tone based on the kind of glaze, finish, or stain that is applied to its exterior. The cherry species will also play a role. Based on the cherry cabinetry’s color depth, the color you choose should be based on the following guidelines.

Select Contrasting Colors for the Sake of Bringing Out Any Warmth Emitted by Your Cherry Cabinetry

A contrasting color can be defined as a shade or tone that opposes another one on a color wheel. Funny enough, they complement one another, coming across as brighter and cleaner in comparison to neutral colors. The juxtaposition of wall paint with the color of your cabinets can make the latter pop out, giving the kitchen some depth.

If you want to use a paint color that contrasts a cherry-colored cabinet, then green will be the color you should choose. The green shade that you end up going with will be contingent on what shade the cherry cabinets have.

As far as darker cherries go, look for a lighter shade of green (for instance, thyme or sage). For cherry cabinets with a lighter color, such as the traditional cherry finish, consider painting the walls with a dark green tone for the sake of highlighting the natural, lighter color of your cabinets. Forest green or true green should be used for lighter cherries.

Blue is worth considering if green isn’t a color you are crazy about. The very same color principle will apply – muted blues will be suitable for light cherry shades. Bolder or brighter blues will be ideal for dark cherry cabinets.

Choose Coordinating Colors that are Harmonic with Cherry Cabinets

Color coordination involves harmonizing with the elements in your kitchen for the sake of improving natural colors inside that space. The most optimal approach to choosing coordinating paint colors is to make a selection based on a current element in the kitchen. This may come in the form of a variant fleck in your countertops, or a tone apparent inside the backsplash.

When choosing these features, refrain from picking a color that is overtly bold, dark, or metallic. Doing so can result in competition with colors that are already in the kitchen. They can also make a space look inconsistent and/or much smaller than what it actually is. Pale beige, light gray, or taupe are great when it comes to coordinating neutrals.

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