Buying kitchen cabinets online may be a foreign experience for many people. This is understandable because until recently kitchen cabinets were mostly available at local hardware or specialty stores.

With the installation provided by a local construction or renovation company, most people who purchased new kitchen cabinets either spent a considerable amount on custom designs. Or, they went cheap with standardized versions that saved money, but did not look good and often did not last very long.

But this has all changed when you purchase kitchen cabinets online wholesale. Now you can shop from the convenience of your home or when using your mobile device when you have the time. The best in kitchen cabinets online for sale is at your fingertips.

buy kitchen cabinets online
buy kitchen cabinets online

Ready to Assemble Cabinets

What has changed the cabinet industry is the development of Ready to Assemble or RTA cabinets. Before the creation of RTA, homeowners were basically stuck with having cabinets created from scratch and customized for their home which is quite expensive. Or choosing standard models from local hardware or specialty stores that were cheap but did not fit their kitchens.

RTA bridged the gap by providing high quality with lower prices that created the perfect middle ground. Now homeowners could choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs while not having to pay through the nose as with customized cabinets.

The next breakthrough came with the development and use of the internet. Instead of being stuck with what was available locally, you can now shop around the world. This means that you can choose from some of the best quality kitchen cabinets online for sale and save money. What follows are just some of the many advantages you can enjoy when buying kitchen cabinets online.

RTA cabinets by hsm

Advantages of buying cabinets online

High Quality:

When you purchase online from reputable companies such as HSM cabinets, you get the best in quality without having to sacrifice in terms of price. This is because such companies not only sell to homeowners like yourself, they also sell to professionals who install kitchen cabinets for a living. High quality products are a must for companies online whose reputation is based on delivering only the best.

This means that you can also obtain solid, long-lasting kitchen cabinets online while not having to spend nearly as much compared to having customized cabinets put into your kitchen. Nor will you be stuck with cheap cabinets that take away from the décor of your kitchen.

Plus, the quality will be backed by a warranty that ensures the cabinets will hold together under normal use conditions for a pre-specified time. This brings you peace of mind knowing that the high quality is not a promise, but is delivered with a satisfaction guarantee.

However, to fully enjoy the advantages of having only the best, you will need to choose the right type of RTA kitchen cabinets.


Another advantage of shopping for modular kitchen cabinets online is that you can choose from different styles, colors, sizes, and designs that work best for your needs. Every kitchen is unique, and you have a far greater selection to create your own design when shopping online for kitchen cabinets.

You can select from many framed or frameless designs that best fit your kitchen décor. Framed cabinets are the traditional design that compliments many styles of kitchens. Most notably those that emphasize a warm or retro feel. Frameless designs are sleek, modern, and look wonderful in most types of kitchens. However, frameless is best suited for modern kitchen décor, especially with stainless steel appliances. With the best in quality and the right selection, you are ready to make your choice. However, obtaining kitchen cabinets online cheap is really more of an investment than a purchase. You may require professional help to ensure that you get what you want.

Professional Assistance:

The assistance that professional provide is invaluable when it comes to designing the kitchen cabinets to fit your needs. From getting the right style, size, color, and design pattern to assisting with the installation process, having a professional working with you makes the cabinets as good as they can be.

Plus, you’ll get helpful hints and advice that will save you money and get more out of what you buy. Which leads to the final advantage of savings.


There is more than one reason why you will save when buying kitchen cabinets online. It starts with the lack of overhead compared to local hardware and specialty stores that is added into their pricing. Online store only have to stock the inventory while brick and mortar stores must hire additional sales staff and cater to walk-in customers.

Plus, when you purchase kitchen cabinets online wholesale, you get further reduced pricing compared to standard retail stores. This is because wholesale companies sell at bulk prices, but homeowners do not have to pay for extra items they do not need.

Of the several companies who offer kitchen cabinets online cheap, HSM is the one that has all the advantages in one store.

Frameless and Shaker Cabinets from HSM

Getting frameless and shaker kitchen cabinets online cheap is easier than ever when you shop our catalog. Here is our rta cabinets retail price list. If you happen to be a pro, you will receive an extra discount. So, contact the HSM team directly to receive the pro price list if applicable.

HSM is a business that grew from a demand from our customers who desired high end quality furniture without the expensive price tag. We have a professional team to work with the client on their design concept for kitchens and other areas that include the following

  • Bathroom vanities
  • Laundry
  • Walk-in wall robes
  • Cupboards
  • Cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room, and more

Contact us, we will assist you to get the dream products you want! This means that you can buy kitchen cabinets online from our store and get the professional assistance you need all for an affordable price. Contact us today and start on your dream kitchen right away.

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