It is no secret that Chinese kitchen cabinets are the best in the world. Sure, this might sound like a bold statement, but it holds evident truth since China is currently the most significant furniture exporter on the market today. Even leading American furniture stores, such as Raymour & Flanigan and Ashley Furniture have expanded their production work to China. So, if you buy kitchen cabinets from there, it is a good chance that you are actually buying cabinets made in China without even realizing it.

With that being said, it is highly suggested that if you want to have the best kitchen cabinets within your home, you go right to the Chinese source itself and cut out the local middle man. Kitchen cabinets from China have been long associated with their extraordinary imports, especially those from HSM, the leading manufacturer in China. So, if you are ready to start your kitchen transformation journey, here is where you will be able to gather the necessary information and fundamental purchasing background so you can feel confident you are making the best choice.  

Why China Manufactures?

Now, if you are someone who lives in a different country, you might be wondering why imported kitchen cabinets from China are still advocated as the best route to take. The reality is that there are many benefits to going this way. 

  • Cheaper: The cost reduction is one of the most common reasons why so many people love going with China manufacturers like HSM. This is the very same reason why so many countries utilize China to produce their own products in general; it’s cheaper overall. And the reason for this is not because the quality is less; it is because China has advanced production processes, especially within cabinetry, streamlining the process to make the final product less sticker shocking.
  • High Quality: Again, cheaper kitchen cabinets do not equate to lower quality standards. HSM has a mission only to deliver top-notch cabinetry that not only matches the vision, but exceeds expectations. There are no cutting corners, no downgraded material, and no misconceptions. They create based on integrity, honesty, passion, and of course, quality. As long as you collaborate with a viable, respected company like them who holds their standards high, you will be guaranteed well-built Chinese kitchen cabinets that can last a lifetime.
  • Diversity: The designs you can obtain from Chinese manufacturers are incredibly diverse. You can find just about anything you want here. From simple to completely vibrant, it is out there. And even if you don’t see something that matches your vision already pre-made, HSM provides entirely custom designing with professional designers that can give you precisely what you want.
  • Easy to Assemble: If there is one thing you want to make sure of when receiving imported kitchen cabinets, it is that you can assemble the pieces easily. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than finally getting your kitchen cabinets and having to struggle to get them implemented. With HSM, you never have to worry about that. HSM designs their kitchen cabinets with foreign customers in mind, making them effortlessly to assemble upon arrival. Even those who have never installed before will be able to handle the task without feeling overwhelmed during the process. In addition, each order is packaged in a modular way and secured to ensure no damage is done during transportation.
  • Excellent Investments: It is a known fact that a kitchen is one of the top focal points in any house, so making it look good should be a priority in any circumstance. Whether you are in your forever home or looking to sell, kitchen cabinets from China is always a positive investment. They are durable, gorgeous, and add authenticity to increase the total value of any home.
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Buying Kitchen Cabinets from China – How to Begin

If you are looking to buy kitchen cabinets from China for the first time, then this section is for you. Here is a step by step guide on what you should do in preparation for your purchase.

  • Know Your Specifications: Take some time to gather all your necessary specifications regarding your kitchen. Look at your size, budget, functionality, and foster up a blueprint floor plan to get a rough idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. If you need some more visual guidance, you can always leverage the HSM free live video consultation, where you will be in contact with a designer who will support you on your mission to picking the perfect custom style.  They will even generate a full 3D rendering for you within 48 hours so you can solidify your confidence that you will be getting exactly what you want.
  • Cabinet Type and Function: Next, and again, with the help of HSM if you wish, figure out what kind of kitchen cabinet you desire. Do you want base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, or even frameless ones? Though the decision is entirely yours, it is worth mentioning that recent design trends are favoring modern aesthetics, which is a catalyst for frameless kitchen cabinets to skyrocket in the past decade. If you think this is the style you want, here is HSM’s shaker and frameless cabinets retail price list. If you happen to be a pro, you are also subjected to an extra discount, so contact the HSM team directly to receive the pro price list if applicable.
  • Material Type and Finish: Once you nailed down the layout and the cabinet type you want, then you will need to think about the kind of material you want (solid wood, plywood, chipboard, mdf), including the hardware aesthetics. This will strongly dictate the final quote. But keep in mind that Chinese manufactures are often flexible and willing to work with you to find an ideal balance between the materials you want and stick within your budget.
  • Confirm Your Design: Upon calling HSM and receiving your 3D visual of your cultivated design, the final step is to confirm it. Once you are fully happy with what the plan is and tell the HSM professionals you are ready to proceed, they will begin working on developing your kitchen cabinets and deliver so you can finally enjoy the kitchen you have always dreamed of.


If there is one thing that has always been in high demand, it is the strive for valuable China kitchen cabinets. Imported kitchen cabinets from China have always been a desired path to take for homeowners across the globe for a magnitude of reasons, including price, detail, and above all, quality. However, it is essential to acknowledge that not all kitchen cabinet China manufacturers wholesale high-quality products equally. Some are on the lower end, while others, such as HSM, deliver nothing but premium results at an affordable price.

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HSM is an iconic business that was cultivated to fulfill the demand for profound, luxurious furniture without the expensive price tag. Remember, buying kitchen cabinets from China should never have to be challenging or make you go broke, and with the HSM team on your side, you will be able to have a seamless, fully custom result that is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions. So, if you are seeking a professional team to work with on your design concept, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry, walk-in-wall robes, cupboards, cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room or something else altogether, contact HSM today so you can start your journey to turning your home decor visions into a reality.

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