When you are putting a plan together for a renovation project, looking for high-quality cabinetry online is something you need to take seriously. HSM cabinets has an impressive selection of pre-assembled, affordable, and ready-to-assemble cabinetry. Our selection is no different than the kind you would find at retail stores, but we only charge a portion of the cost that they do. As far-fetched as it sounds, you could save between 30% and 50% by shopping from us. This begs the question – what is the cost of kitchen cabinetry? Keep reading to learn the answer.

RTA cabinets by hsm

What Is a “Basic Kitchen Cost?”

When browsing kitchen cabinetry on our website, you’ll see something that says “Basic Kitchen Cost” under each finish. You’ll find that the costs vary based on each finish. Why is this the case? Succinctly, some finishes and materials are costlier than others. We provide price points that accommodate just about every budget. Mind you, the cost will also be contingent on your kitchen’s square footage, as well as whether you want cabinets that come pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble.

Basic Kitchen cabinets

The Basic Kitchen Cost we have is reflective of wall space as large as 20 feet in total. This kind of pricing happens to be an approach used by retailers of kitchen cabinets to help people gauge costs. HSM cabinets’s Basic Kitchen Cost includes standard features, such as the following:

  • Doorframe (Solid wood/MDF/Plywood/Particle board/Glass).
  • Construction (Solid wood/Particle board/Plywood/MDF).
  • Six-way modifiable sealed hinges.
  • Drawers with dovetail joints.
  • Soft closing doors and drawers.

For more details about Basic Kitchen Costs, click here.


After you’ve chosen the finish and style of your wooden cabinetry, you’ll need to add some custom features. You’ll also need to consider accessories like kitchen hoods and sinks, countertops, pulls and knobs, cabinet molding, and glass doors. The costs for these kinds of extras will vary. As an example, pricing for our cabinetry knobs begin at $1.5 each based on what kind of specs and style you have chosen. We have something that can accommodate just about every kind of budget!

kitchen cabinets accessories

By capitalizing on our room designing service (which is free), our designers can help you bring the room you have visualized to fruition. You’ll be provided with photorealistic renderings and a customized layout. We’ll also assemble a shopping cart that is itemized. If the cost is something you are not comfortable with, then we will make some adjustments to accommodate your specific budget.

room designing service

How You Can Save More Money

For quite a while now, it was believed that kitchen makeovers were very expensive. Because of the costs involved, some homeowners only renovated their kitchens once every 3 decades or so. But thanks to the popularity of television channels like the DIY Network (which broadcast shows about remodeling and flipping houses), homeowners now understand the logic of keeping their investment updated through renovations. If you are still on the fence about making an investment in the kitchen, then there are other approaches to saving more money.

If you enjoy partaking in DIY projects, buy ready-to-assemble cabinetry from HSM cabinets. These types of cabinets are approximately 50% cheaper than pre-assembled cabinetry. There won’t be any difference in quality, but by choosing cabinets that are ready-to-assemble, you’ll do the proverbial heavy lifting yourself. The process is very simple, to boot. The only things you’ll need are our simple to follow instructions and a handful of basic tools.

Buy Kitchen Cabinets From HSM

When you order cabinetry from HSM cabinets, you may end up saving even more money in comparison to ordering customized cabinets. We have a vast array of stock cabinetry (which can be seen here), each of which features durable extras and quality construction. The lead time they come with is also faster, and, as such, your project can be expedited with mesmerizing results. You can also opt for builder grade in an effort to get the lowest possible price point!

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