Are black, sleek granite countertops or dark cabinets something you are fond of? You might appreciate the stark and modern appearance of dark kitchens, but are unsure if a design will blend in with the rest of your home. Questioning design choices ahead of remodeling your kitchen is natural. After all, you are making sure that the best possible color scheme is chosen, and the right materials associated with them are selected, too.

Even though white is the most frequently used color when it comes to kitchen cabinets, dark and medium wood colors seem to be growing in popularity. That is because dark colors add some dramatic flair when it comes to kitchens.

What to Keep in Mind When Selecting Dark Countertops and/or Cabinets

The following guidelines and concepts can help you determine if dark color schemes will be effective for you.

Natural Light and Size

If you have a home that comes with plenty of natural lighting, then dark color schemes will tone down some of the room’s brightness (without making it feel enclosed). If that area is dark already, then a surplus of dark colors could make that space come across as cramped.

For the most part, large kitchens will be safer options for dark color schemes, since the space will already be open. If your kitchen is small, though, then dark colors don’t have to be ruled out. Two-tone colors, open shelves, and a kitchen island in black and go a long way towards incorporating dark color schemes without overwhelming any setting.

Pets and Children

If you have a home that is buzzing with activity and life, then white cabinets may warrant ongoing care to keep them spotless. In such instances, a darker color can hide a lot of the imperfections and scuffs that will inevitably come. It will be much easier to maintain the cabinets’ cleanliness. Consider the amount of people your family has, as well as how they treat the surfaces in your home. You can make a choice that is beneficial for your entire household. If you are the one who cleans the house, then dark color schemes will definitely be appealing.

Your Personality

Consider your personality, as well as the way it can be shown off by a color scheme. Most people spend a significant amount of time inside their kitchens. The next time you invite friends and family over, you can use your kitchen as the room everybody gathers in. Ensure that the colors in the room are reflective of your own personality.

Consider the colors that you are not fond of, as well as the ones you love. Dark color schemes inside a kitchen can appear bold and sophisticated. If you want to add a sense of elegance, or are trying to make a statement, then a dark color scheme might be worth looking at.

A Mix of Light and Dark

If you are going for a more sophisticated appearance, then choose a mix of both light and dark elements inside your kitchen. Black cabinets, for example, can be offset by shades of white. This will help stop a certain shade from coming across as overpowering.

Fundamentally, light floors go with dark cabinetry, which goes well with light-colored countertops. The mixture of black and white provides a refined and clean look that seamlessly meshes. Generally speaking, neutrals are timeless color selections, especially if you have uncertainties about which colors actually look good together.

Determine If Bold Colors Are Right for You

If brighter colors are what you are partial to, that does not mean such colors will be ideal for your countertops or cabinets. If the scene is set with dark colors, though, then color props can be added by way of artwork, barstools, chairs, and other accessories

Full colors can be splashed in without making your kitchen look unsellable. Blue, red, and similar vivid colors are presentable in a timeless kitchen.

Understanding Existing Trends

When it comes to trends, styles change with each passing year. Antique white cabinetry that is popular in one year might be outdated five years from now. Gray happens to be a popular option at the moment, but will it be the ideal color for you? Think about the amount of time you plan on spending in your existing home when selecting kitchen colors. If you intend to sell your place over the next simple several years, then choose a trendy color. Just pick one that is neutral enough that it remains in style for the next little while. Conversely, if you intend to reside in the home for the next two or three decades, then the colors you should choose should be ones that you love. You’ll probably remodel your kitchen once or twice in that time span, anyway.

Dark Kitchen Colors

It is easy to become overwhelmed with design rules, and it is just as easy to become confused with conflicting advice. Hopefully, these basic guidelines can help you determine if dark color schemes will be applicable for the kitchen. This is especially true if you have concerns about the space, trends, or ongoing maintenance.

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