The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many people view their homes, especially the functionality of their closets. As the pandemic is lifting and more people are getting back to their normal lives, the trends for 2021 and the foreseeable future will reflect the time that people spent at home during the pandemic.

functionality of closets

What follows are the closet trends that have become most popular and so in-demand for new homes and renovations. The trends have been greatly influenced by events of last year, but they also reflect a return to older trends of times gone by.

Closet with Glass Door

It seems a natural extension that closets, just like many cabinets, should have a see-through or transparent door. A closet with a glass door lets you see inside without having to go into the closet itself. This can help you save a considerable amount of time in searching for what you need. For those who are looking for a particular item, having to open the door and conduct a search before realizing the item is not present can understand the value of having a glass door instead.

closet with a glass door

Glass doors are not only practical it is also quite attractive. Glass doors come in a wide variety of styles that helps make the selection process more satisfying. You can choose from clear or frosted glass for that added touch of elegance. Plus, glass doors are not all that expensive. Given that glass doors are also sturdy and long-lasting, you will appreciate their appearance for a long time.

The only downside is the possibility of cracking or damaging the glass itself. Standard closet doors can have dings, scratches, and dents that cannot be seen from the outside. However, the type of glass used in a closet door is quite strong and scratch resistant. This makes them easy to clean as well.

Custom Wardrobe

What was once reserved for the rich is now available for most homeowners. Creating a custom wardrobe is easier than ever. This means that you can design and fashion a custom wardrobe for your closet that is functional and opulent if you desire. Custom wardrobes is essentially a closet that has a dedicated purpose which is normally reserved for your bedroom.

custom wardrobe for your closet

You can customize it the way you want, and a professional contractor will do the job. Take an existing closet, design it for your custom wardrobe, and enjoy it every day.

Laundry Room

One of the most in-demand close trends is a dedicated laundry room. If there is a closet or even storage space near your washer and dryer, you can create a proper laundry room. The typical laundry room should have enough space to fold and hang clothes along with the washer and dryer. It may be possible to modify the closet space that is next to the washer and dryer which does practically the same thing.

laundry room beside closet

The first step is to measure the area that contains the washer and dryer, then calculate what is needed to create a proper laundry room. Once you have done the basics, then you can work with a contractor to get what you need. 

Office Space

With more people working from home, finding the space has become problematic. However, one obvious solution is using an empty closet. This assumes the closet has enough room to fit you, your desk, and all the items necessary for you to do the work. Creating an office from your closet space not only means moving the right items in, but it may also mean adding electrical outlets to power your computer, laptop, lights, and more.

office space with storage

There are pre-made workstations that can be altered to fit inside a closet, transforming it into a proper office space with storage. You will need to measure the closet to see if it is a comfortable fit. But remember that you can use laptop stands instead of full desks and storage areas attached to the walls to maximize the use of space.


Additional storage may be the most popular of all closet trends for 2021. While closets are designed to be small storage areas, you can maximize the space with the proper shelves, cupboards, and rails for all your necessary items.

closet storage system

Everything starts by emptying the closet, the assessing how the space can best be used. This is one closet trend where you may not need professional assistance if the goal is to maximize the storage area. You can purchase the shelving, boxes, and rails which allows you to store items on the walls, floor, the back of the closet door, and even the ceiling depending on your design.

Walk In Closet System

Perhaps the most telling trend is the greater emphasis on storage space. With more people staying at home, the need for additional storage space has become a premium. The result is that more people are having walk in closets and pantries built for their homes.

The walk-in closet offers considerably more floor space compared to standard, traditional closets. In addition to the floor space, the back and side walls are customized for better storage and easier access. This means that the closet itself is designed for you to walk in, look around the storage areas, and easily select the items that you need.

A walk-in pantry is also becoming quite popular. Walk in pantries are essentially walk in closets designed for the kitchen. The added space is perfect for storing and accessing more food. With fewer people going out to eat, more people are staying at home and preparing their own meals. This makes the walk-in closet system a perfect renovation for your home.

HSM is The eExpert of Custom Closet

There are many closet trends that you can be inspired from when changing your own closets. From maximizing storage space to changing their function all together, the closet trends of 2021 offer a myriad of ideas. From creating a custom wardrobe to creating a closet with a glass door or making a walk in closet system, the sky is the limit when you want to change your closet into something special.

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