Kitchen cabinets are pretty pricey compared to the other components of a kitchen remodeling project. As a kitchen contractor, you are in the market for quality kitchen cabinets that will stand the test of time and reflect your client’s preferences. This is why it is best to buy from cabinet manufacturers.

quality kitchen cabinets

Most cabinet manufacturers allow the purchase of kitchen cabinets online at wholesale prices. Asides from the convenience this offers, it also keeps the cost low. 

This article provides six proven hacks to find the best online source for your kitchen cabinets.

Why should you buy kitchen cabinets online?

Buying kitchen cabinets online affords you to compare and contrast various kitchen cabinets from different manufacturers. Also, you can easily find all the information you need to make the right choice on the manufacturer’s website.

Buying kitchen cabinets online

1.          Can you find the correct answers to your questions on the website?

The ideal manufacturer’s website must not be silent on their construction process. It should offer clear images that highlight the essential construction details, including dovetail joints. You should also ascertain that the company is a credible authority through its years of experience in the industry. If they tick all these boxes, it is most likely safe to work with them..

2.          Can you find a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) where questions about the products and services are answered?

A manufacturer’s website without this section will have you research further to get the information you need. Alternatively, you can use the contact form to make inquiries, although this will require you to wait for a response.

3.          Do the feedback from previous customers confirm the quality of the products and services?

If a company runs a transparent feedback system with more positive reviews than negative ones, they are most likely providing excellent services and quality goods to their customers.

feedback system

4.          Can you reach the company directly?

You should be able to reach them directly, either through phone, email, or a contact form. Without these channels, it may be impossible to get help if and when you require some. Ensure that their contact information is available and accessible before working with an online cabinet company.

online consultation for kitchen cabinets

5.          Do they offer samples?

There may be cases where the company’s products and services tick the major boxes, but you are not sure if the cabinets are the right fit for the project. To eliminate these uncertainties, you can order samples. Samples are actual products that offer a more accurate sense of how the new cabinet will look after installation.

6.          Do they run a valid return and replacement policy?

The right cabinet company will easily provide you with all the information you need on returns or shipping replacement parts. This will enable you to decide whether it is right to work with them or not.

How do you find the best price for kitchen cabinets online?

An attractive selling point of the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers lies in the competitive pricing they offer. They often compare what their competitors are asking for and try to convince you with a better offer. As a kitchen contractor, you can decide easily and quickly. After all, you are not wasting time comparing or making inquiries from multiple companies.

competitive pricing

You can always expect a reputable cabinet company to deliver the best products made from high-quality construction methods. Asides from using all-plywood materials for their cabinets, such a company provides excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and an overall enjoyable experience.

Ready to shop for kitchen cabinets online? Assess your kitchen cabinet manufacturer based on the following points:

1.     Quality

The first and most important factor to consider is the quality of the cabinets you are getting. Ensuring that your clients get well-constructed kitchen cabinets made from solid wood and other durable materials will preserve your reputation and make both parties happy.  The ideal manufacturing company will offer cabinets that can stand the test of time under regular use. These include RTA or assembled all-plywood kitchen cabinets in multiple finishing options.

assembled all-plywood kitchen cabinets

In your search for the best cabinets that reflect your clients’ preferences, you should watch out for the joints and hardware. Dovetail joints are known for the most durable drawers. You may also prioritize soft-close hinges and drawer glides to preserve the long-term functionality of the cabinets and drawers.

2.     Free cabinet design services

It is common to see cabinet manufacturing companies ask for the final kitchen layout and precise measurements. That sounds easy, but what if the need for a few changes arises or you are not sure of what exactly you need?


This is why we recommend that you work with a cabinet company that offers complimentary cabinet services. Such companies often have a team of in-house kitchen designers, who you can work closely with to provide an excellent overall service to your homeowner clients.

3.     Seamless and transparent pricing process

Pricing is next once you have finalized the cabinet models you need for the new kitchen. It is a crucial aspect of any remodeling project. Working with a top cabinet company will save you from dealing with unexpected “extras” that may arise after the design process. The seamless and transparent pricing process will help you arrive at the total cost of the cabinets, whether you are working with pre-assembled or RTA cabinets.

buy kitchen cabinets saving money

You may get even better offers if you place your orders when your chosen cabinet company runs a deal, usually during special events or national holidays like Father’s Days, Easter, or Christmas celebrations.

4.     Top-notch customer service and project management

The right cabinet company will not provide just the product – they are always available to help even after delivering the cabinets to the contractor. At HSM cabinets, our extensive customer service ensures your projects run seamlessly. We deliver your order promptly and in one piece.

extensive customer service

You also get access to our expert resource for any installation-related questions. Your HSM Cabinets designer will keep in touch to make sure there are no issues with your orders.  Overall, with us, you can rest assured of a dedicated project management partner on your side.

We sell top-quality kitchen cabinets online.

The search for kitchen cabinets online can be challenging. From looking out for durable products at the best possible pricing, you need to do comprehensive research to ensure you end up with a reputable kitchen cabinet company.

At HSM Cabinets, we make the process seamless for you and your clients. We offer the best quality products at discounted or wholesale rates. Our services also include prompt responses to your inquiries and an open communication line.

online showroom for kitchen cabinets

Our online showroom is always open. Visit today and check out the cabinets you need for your client’s kitchen remodeling project. A certified kitchen designer is always on the ground to answer your questions and guide you through the purchase process. This professional will also join your team to ensure a seamless final cabinet installation that meets your expectations and your clients’.

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