Every homeowner wants a house that reflects their personality. Whether you have just moved into a new home or looking to upgrade your existing space, you want each room to represent just your style. But there is a twist when it comes to kitchens. The renovation ambitions of a kitchen space are often affected by the lack of budget and sufficient time.

remodel a kitchen of their dreams

Fortunately, more now homeowners see the need to upgrade from their outdated and hardly functional kitchens to something better. For such clients, they are ready to provide the funds and wait for as long as it takes to design or remodel a kitchen of their dreams.

Why are homeowners remodeling their kitchens?

1.          They have the financial capacity.

No one can correctly guess the biggest hindrance to the launch of a kitchen renovation. According to a Houzz homeowner survey in January 2021, homeowners only decide to start their kitchen remodeling project when they have the funds required, usually through savings.

saving money

2.          The kitchen is almost gone.

Homeowners are usually forced to renovate their kitchen it is already falling apart. The deteriorated condition of countertops, flooring, or kitchen cabinets is another reason homeowners decide that “now is the time for this project.” No one enjoys seeing their kitchen cabinets peel or holes in the vinyl flooring. Malfunctioning or outdated appliances also often present unpleasant scenes.

3.          They want a breath of fresh air.

A time will come when we all want to try out new things. When homeowners feel this way about their kitchens, they decide to push for a remodeling. At that point, they are ready to do all it requires to replace the old style with a trendy, new, and beautiful kitchen design that excites them.

beautiful kitchen design

4.          They crave a better-working kitchen space.

A kitchen is as good as how much you can do in there. Homeowners do not want a kitchen with little or no functionality. The new standard is a kitchen with multiple functional areas for dining, entertaining, cooking, and working. Statistics have it that 51% of homeowners now spend more time in their kitchen cooking and baking.


Working with kitchen contractors helps to bring these dreams to reality. These experts are knowledgeable and can advise on how to go about a kitchen remodeling project to get the desired results. From measuring and designing to ordering and installing, kitchen contractors can make the entire process seamless for you.

Why do homeowners want to remodel their kitchens?

Before the pandemic, the priorities of homeowners in terms of projects were different. According to a Houzz survey (in January 2020), most homeowners just wanted to change their old kitchen layout for a new style. This would require having new countertops, lighting, faucets, sinks, and backsplash.

larger kitchen remodeling project

Fast forward to a second survey conducted after sheltering-in-place revealed the opposite: homeowners now want a larger kitchen remodeling project involving the entire kitchen, including changing the whole kitchen design and layout. 

Is kitchen remodeling necessary?

Yes, remodeling the kitchen is essential. If properly planned and executed, a kitchen remodeling project can fix issues like limited storage and workspace, poor lighting, lack of privacy, and small overall size that limits the number of people the kitchen can accommodate.

good kitchen contractor

The dynamics for an expanded family kitchen may be different from the kitchen intended for a couple that works from home. Whatever the preferences are, it is best to work with a good kitchen contractor. Such experts can help homeowners get all they want out of their new kitchen style while working within their budget.

How do you minimize the kitchen remodeling costs?

Another advantage of working with kitchen contractors as a homeowner is that you can leverage their relationships with wholesale cabinet manufacturers to get the best prices for the cabinets. Unlike home improvement stores, wholesale cabinet manufacturers offer better prices on high-quality kitchens to kitchen contractors.  You can easily get durable and beautiful cabinets for way lesser than what big box stores offer.

better prices on high-quality kitchens

Likewise, a kitchen contractor with a dealer relationship will have access to a comprehensive team of in-house professionals who can offer useful insights and guidance for free. So, as a homeowner, you are getting quality kitchen designs for free. Your kitchen contractor will not charge you to replace missing parts (if any).  Lastly, you can get the remodeling done faster with the wholesale cabinet manufacturers’ expedited order fulfillment process.

Chinese cabinet dealers can access a comprehensive selection of kitchen cabinets from the manufacturer’s inventory. Hence, they are better positioned to start the project faster. They also offer a more accurate budget estimate upfront, considering they know what exactly they can get from the manufacturers.

You do not have to break the bank for a kitchen renovation project. A budget of $4,000 – $12,000 will deliver a functional, modern, and beautiful kitchen. Working with kitchen contractors who buy directly from manufacturers can save you up to 40% on cabinets only, without sacrificing the quality.

certified cabinet designers

Our certified cabinet designers are always available to help you with your kitchen renovation project. Reach out today, and let’s get started on the right foot.

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