It is possible to own a contemporary kitchen, and functionality doesn’t have to be sacrificed to get it. Modernists understand that the word “modern” goes hand-in-hand with “minimalism.” This can be quite the conundrum when designing any kitchen. Whether they are minimalist or otherwise, there are essential features that every kitchen must have. Some of them include cooking utensils, dishes, pan/pots, appliances, countertops, shelving, and cabinetry.

Needless to say, contemporary kitchen design should look like not very much is in the room, even though everything that you need is in there!

How to Minimize Features in Contemporary Kitchens

How can you go about developing minimal space for your contemporary kitchen? The secret lies in using streamlined variations of standard items while eliminating unnecessary ones.

Personalized Storage

As far as cabinetry is concerned, HSM uses innovative storage choices, optimizing the entire space. Once this is accomplished, a homeowner will have the ability to minimize the square footage of the cabinets by up to 25% or even 50% and still store whatever they need to.

Thin Slabs for Countertops

Keep your eyes open for thin slabs, particularly stainless steel or quartz options. Wooden countertops are also a great choice for a contemporary kitchen, particularly for homeowners who desire more texture or warmth.

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Streamlined Cabinetry

Classy and sleek is what most homeowners look for when they want to a contemporary kitchen. This generally comes in the form of wooden veneers with a high-gloss feature, which replace cabinet knobs or pulls. Cabinet closers that are operated with the push of a button are also an option, as are linear handles or pull–cup handles, both of which preserve a minimalist appearance.

Low Cal Island

Kitchen islands happen to be very helpful, but they also have the potential to take up space. As such, contemporary kitchens most reduce the footprint an island leaves behind. Some ideas include the following:

  • Portable islands – Sweden-influenced designs that are set on casters, which are lockable. You can access it when necessary, but it’s not around all the time.
  • Pedestal islands – since the island is supported by a pedestal instead of a cabinetry base, you’ll gain airspace beneath the island. You also get a transparent site line that goes right through your kitchen, reducing the island’s aesthetic impact.
  • Half-table/half-island – if space is available, your contemporary island can contain cabinetry on half of it. A slab extension can be used for tabletop socializing and seating.
  • Dark over light – although metallic furnishings and white finishes are popular contemporary design options, darker kitchen islands generally fade much more than lighter ones do. For instance, the kitchen in the picture below is small, but it does have an island. It also maintains a contemporary look.
  • Light over dark – another choice is to go with a light or white countertop surface and a darker island base. The base will fade away, while the island’s countertop will feature a “floating” look.

Furniture with a Low-Profile

If you have a kitchen that comes with an area for dining-in, or if it has an open flooring plan, keep your eye out for furniture with a low profile. This may come in the form of acrylic chairs and tables. Transparency provides a “hardly there” finish. Other options that offer essential features without hogging up excessive space include minimalist pedestal design tables, mid-century vibrant or metallic color shell chairs, slab benches, and low back stools.

Boxes and Baskets

Many stores sell functional or decorative racks, boxes, and storage choices that let you put things away without a whole shelving system or cabinet box. They have sparse accents and can conceal seldom-used housewares and kitchen tools.

Buy Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets From HSM

Are you interested in contemporary kitchen cabinets? HSM can provide you with a free consultation in your home. You will receive experienced design suggestions and recommendations to modernize the design of your contemporary kitchen cabinets.

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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Like modern kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen cabinets are also a great choice for many homeowners. Between modern and transitional style kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen cabinets create a warm, bright, and open feel in the kitchen, and many of them emphasize natural elements, making people closer to nature. You may find some contemporary kitchen cabinets that are designed to be sleek and modern, but also incorporate more traditional elements, such as wood elements or other decorative items. It shows that contemporary kitchen cabinets can bring more possibilities to your cooking space. If you are interested in introducing contemporary kitchen cabinets to your kitchen, HSM’s cabinet experts are happy to help you.

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Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets Showcase Geometric Lines

Devoid of embellishments, these modern grey cabinets rely on clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic to captivate. The wall-mounted units and island feature crisp, geometric silhouettes for a sculptural presence. A skylight overhead ushers in ample natural light, further brightening the cool grey tones. Pale grey tile floors unite with the cabinetry, creating a cohesive, contemporary space driven by geometry and simplicity of design. The lack of ornamentation allows the cabinets’ striking lines and composition to take center stage.

Sleek Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets In A Modern Setting

Distinguished by their light and contemporary twist style, the black shaker kitchen cabinets make a bold and fashionable statement, adorned with sleek silver stainless steel handles. Paired harmoniously with white quartz stone countertops, and complemented by a low-key, light-colored tile backsplash, the cabinets create a visually balanced and stylish ensemble. The stunning kitchen island, wrapped in black natural stone with captivating veining, stands as a focal point, perfectly complementing the textured dark wood flooring. This combination enhances the overall layering and texture of the kitchen, creating a space that is both modern and inviting.

A Game Between Black Kitchen Cabinets And Lights

In this captivating interplay of design elements, the lower kitchen cabinets take on a sleek black matte finish, harmonizing seamlessly with the distressed allure of the black concrete backsplash. Above the backsplash, rustic shelving introduces a weathered character, enhanced by built-in lighting at the bottom. This, combined with the bottom lighting of the lower cabinets, casts a warm and inviting glow throughout the black-themed kitchen. The synergy of ceiling lighting and abundant natural light, in tandem with the black kitchen cabinets, transforms the space into a mesmerizing spectacle of light and shadow.

Organic Black Cooking Space Enhanced By Kitchen Cabinets

In this stylish culinary haven, the black flat panel kitchen cabinets take center stage, featuring a subtle texture that adds depth and sophistication to the space. The rough black concrete backsplash extends all the way up to the ceiling, creating a captivating visual impact. Soft lighting strategically placed at the base of open shelving frames the beauty of the backsplash, countertops, and kitchen cabinets, accentuating their modern appeal. Anchoring the entire design, polished concrete floors contribute to the sleek and cohesive aesthetic. The floor-to-ceiling windows are a clever design, seamlessly connecting the kitchen with the surrounding outdoor scenery and infusing…

Pair Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Green Plants

In the kitchen, dark grey flat panel kitchen cabinets take pride of place, their sleek and minimalist design commanding attention. The transparent glass backsplash allows for an unobstructed view of the outdoor landscape, seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor spaces. The strategic design of taking advantage of green plants outside the window creates a striking visual contrast, imbuing the kitchen with a sense of vitality and freshness. The harmonious juxtaposition of off-white wooden floors and kitchen cabinets serves to further mitigate the dark tone of the cabinets, endowing the kitchen with a modern, bright, and organic aesthetic.

High Gloss Grey Kitchen Cabinets In A Modern Apartment

In this modern apartment, the high-gloss grey flat panel kitchen cabinets exude both style and warmth, bathed in the soft glow of golden light. They seamlessly integrate with advanced built-in appliances, including ovens and microwaves, creating a cohesive and contemporary aesthetic. The multifunctional kitchen island, doubling as a dining table, is adorned with chic light khaki leather barstools. Its mirrored-effect base enhances its stylish features, adding a touch of glamour to the space. To enrich the overall texture, realistic wood-look tile flooring grounds the kitchen in a sophisticated and inviting vibe.

Black Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen’s pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the sleek black slab kitchen cabinets, which boast slender stainless steel handles and are coupled with black stone countertops. The upper cabinets flaunt glass door fronts, creating a striking contrast with the black body and affording the opportunity to showcase prized utensils beneath the light. The black kitchen cabinets become all the more captivating when illuminated by task lighting, imbuing the space with an air of mystery and sophistication. Complementing this luxurious ensemble are polished grey tile floors, whose lustrous finish echos the kitchen’s contemporary aesthetic.

Create A Luxury Cooking Space

Transform your kitchen into a realm of opulence with polished wood cabinets showcasing beautiful wood grain and adorned with slender handles. The unique curved design of the cabinets’ corners adds an extra touch of elegance, accentuated by a lacquered finish that enhances their attractiveness under lighting. A mirrored backsplash complements the cabinets, exuding sophistication throughout the space. The kitchen island, with its thoughtful twists and also featuring a curved design, further contributes to the overall sense of style and luxury. The glossy white porcelain flooring serves as a lavish canvas, capturing sumptuous reflections and completing a truly opulent and modern…

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Show The Variety And Creativity Of Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen cabinets do not have the same structural features or rules as traditional or modern kitchen cabinets, so it can be seen that contemporary kitchen cabinets are more unique. With high decoration and flexibility, they can make your kitchen space more personalized.

How Does It Reflect That?

The design connotation of contemporary style is actually changing with the development of the times. Modern contemporary kitchen cabinets combine current design trends with timeless quality; that is, they draw on modern, transitional, traditional, or any other design style. If you want more appearance and vitality in your kitchen design, then contemporary kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to achieve it. Our talented kitchen cabinet designers are ready to create the ideal contemporary kitchen cabinet for you—not far from the kitchen of your dreams.

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Bring Warmth To The Kitchen With Contemporary Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners choose contemporary kitchen cabinets for their incorporation of warm natural wood tones and grain patterns. This makes the combination of painted and wood grain kitchen cabinets into a two-tone kitchen cabinet design the mainstream of contemporary kitchen cabinets. Incorporating contemporary wood kitchen cabinets into the kitchen creates a modern feel but is softer and warmer, appealing to many consumers who want to replace, upgrade, or add new cabinets.

What Style Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors Do You Want?

A slim shaker may be a good choice for you. The type of wood from which kitchen cabinets are made is one thing to talk about, such as walnut, popular for its warmth and mellow feel. Kitchen cabinets contemporary perfectly embody the “combination of classic and modern”. Want more advice on matching or choosing contemporary wood kitchen cabinets? Welcome to consult our kitchen cabinet experts at any time; with their help, you can get the desired contemporary wood kitchen cabinets more easily.

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Try Out Contemporary Custom Cabinets

As mentioned earlier, contemporary kitchen cabinets are inspired by different styles and are versatile. This also allows more options for customizing contemporary kitchen cabinets. If you want to install the perfect contemporary custom kitchen cabinets in your dream kitchen, remember that it eventually depends on your lifestyle, style preferences, space layout, and budget. By taking these factors into consideration, you can easily craft contemporary custom kitchen cabinets. HSM Custom Kitchen Cabinets can meet your needs. Our team of experienced designers provides clients with a fully customized design process. It all starts when you contact us.

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FAQs About Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Granite and marble countertops are the classic choices. Their natural colors, textures, and patterns provide a unique look and work well with contemporary kitchen cabinets. For contemporary kitchens with an emphasis on a modern style, engineered quartz countertops work, too. It has been arguably the most popular countertop material of the past decade, thanks to its diverse price range and light, subtle appearance. You always have many options.

In addition to the very popular painted and wood grain two-tone contemporary kitchen cabinets, grey and white, as well as bolder colors like blue and green, are available for your choice. Feel free to contact our sales team for more detailed information about kitchen cabinets in contemporary style.

Sure. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Unlike in a brick-and-mortar store, you can directly see the quality and look of the cabinet. As a professional one-stop online kitchen cabinet supplier, HSM supports sample delivery of contemporary door panels. We send it to you by express and you can receive it soon.

Yes, you can. As part of our custom design of contemporary kitchen cabinets, we provide free, detailed 3D models or renderings to ensure your satisfaction before the kitchen cabinet goes into production.

At HSM, you can always find quality contemporary kitchen cabinets on a budget. Our professional team will understand your needs through several communications and tailor a solution for you to purchase contemporary kitchen cabinets that are budget-friendly. Welcome to contact our sales team for a free quote and a detailed product catalog.

Before the contemporary kitchen cabinets you ordered are shipped, we will carefully inspect and professionally pack the cabinets and send you pictures for confirmation. And the shipping company we cooperate with is also very professional and experienced. Under normal circumstances, the kitchen cabinets you ordered will not be damaged. However, if you still receive the damaged kitchen cabinet, please contact us immediately, we will deal with it quickly for you. Don’t worry.

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