Do you own a kitchen in the shape of the letter U? If it is designed properly, then you’ll have sufficient storage space, plenty of countertop room to prepare your food, and an opportunity to give it your own personal touch. The U-Shaped kitchen can and should be a reflection of your personality, designed to accommodate the way members of your household use the room each day. We will provide you with some ideas on developing a functional U-Shaped kitchen that your entire family will appreciate.

The Fundamentals of Designing a U-shaped Kitchen

The design of the U-shaped kitchen will utilize a few adjacent walls containing an opening, optimizing accessibility. If the area is big enough, you might even be able to add an island, giving you extra storage and countertop space. However, a large room isn’t necessary to make this happen. You can customize the design to accommodate the space that you have. You should be mindful, though, that if the space is too narrow, it will look as if you have a galley-style kitchen. It’s better to have a wider space, as you’ll have a lot more room. Just don’t go excessively wide, as you will wind up minimizing efficiency once your contact points inside of the triangle become far apart from each other.

Suggestions for U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

A U-shaped design is sometimes viewed as a functional and luxurious space. It is alluring to homeowners who intend to spend a lot of time in the room cooking and cleaning, and most of all, socializing. Any kitchen can still be enjoyed without being overly spacious. Smaller kitchens are just as effective as bigger ones in several instances. Consider the following suggestions when planning a U-shaped upgrade.

Designing a Work Triangle of Your Own

A conventional work triangle for a kitchen is comprised of a fridge, sink, and oven/stovetop. The concept involves keeping you close to all necessary items for meal preparation. Consider this when you are trying to figure out what your layout will entail. Perhaps it’ll sport a back-end wall housing a sink, which you can designate as a cleanup space. The range of your stovetop on a certain side should be paired with a countertop space that you can prepare meals on. A pantry and fridge can be placed on the other side, both of which will store food for you. Try to put together the most functional and efficient layout possible when determining where appliances should be placed.

Think Long-Term When Designing the Room’s Accessibility

U-shaped kitchens happen to be inherently functional. Keep that theme going by having a kitchen designed for easy accessibility over the long run. This will be prudent for homeowners who intend to spend the rest of their lives there. For instance, placing an oven where the cabinets end (as opposed to in the center) simplifies accessibility for people who are wheelchair-bound. They’ll be able to put things in and out of the oven with ease. Personalize the countertop’s height so children will be able to assist you from time to time. The cabinet hardware you implement should be simple to grip. Lastly, you should have a minimum of 36 inches worth of space to maneuver around between countertops, appliances, and seating areas with raised bars. Each one of these additions can enhance the ability of your kitchen, no matter what state it is in.

Incorporate a Peninsula or Island into Your Kitchen Design

If you have the space for it, you are encouraged to have an island added to your kitchen. They will make your life a lot more convenient, giving you additional cabinet and countertop storage space. Further, integrating an island with a U-shaped design can make the atmosphere more social. There will be ample space for members of the household to spend time in, whether they are hanging out, helping with cooking, or sipping wine as you prepare food for them. A peninsula can be added if there is not enough space to put an island in. Regardless, you have options at your disposal to create a gathering place that is more communal.

Consider Open Shelving

U-shaped kitchens allow cabinetry to flank at three sides, at a minimum. There will be more if an island is added. Visually speaking, each one of these doors, when closed, can produce a cabinet face overdose. Integrating them with some open shelving can break the monotony up. Best of all, you’ll be able to keep your most frequently used items nearby, including bowls, plates, and mugs. If you’re not crazy about the concept of having open shelving, you may be more interested in glass inserts for cabinet doors. They allow you to separate your visual space while keeping items concealed.

Extra Additions to Your Kitchen

Since you have plenty of cabinet top space, you will likely have enough room to integrate a number of “accessory” items, which may not blend in well with the design of a galley or L-shaped kitchen. You would do well to have an island added to the kitchen, or adding some wine storage if your kitchen is more of a social room. You can also have your storage upgraded to simplify your life. Optimize your available square footage, and do not waste a single inch of vacant space.

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