Reality TV makes it seem like a full kitchen remodeling project is effortless. Although there is plenty of work that happens behind the scenes, frameless cabinets online are a straightforward way to simplify the task.

The best kitchen frameless cabinets eliminate the face frames from the traditional design. The drawers and doors rest on the edges of the box instead, with hinges anchored to the side walls.

You receive a sleek, smooth look that provides a modern look at an affordable price. Metal, glass, and laminates are all potential materials that can come into your kitchen with this option. Are you ready to explore this stunning approach to cabinetry design?

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Frameless Kitchen Cabinets?

The typical frameless kitchen cabinet provides several advantages worth considering if you’re remodeling your home or involved with new construction.

1. The shelving is simple to mount.

You don’t have a center stile that interrupts the space when choosing the frameless cabinet design. This benefit allows you to slide shelves into the open cabinets without an obstacle.  Trying to place a massive rack into a framed box with limited access can significantly boost labor and installation charges.

This benefit includes more adjustability than what you’d receive with a traditional look. Because the doors are flat, drawers can be more significant to ensure you receive more flexibility with the final design and installation.

2. Your kitchen receives a modern look.

When the drawer and door edges are flush, a kitchen receives an elegant look that framed cabinets cannot offer. You can add slab doors to some designs to complete the experience. Even if the usable space is small, the final installation feels open and airy. You’ll feel much more comfortable with the outcome. The customization options with frameless kitchen cabinets are virtually unlimited. The drawer and door margins could be as small as 1/8-inch, creating design choices that aren’t possible if you were to use the traditional approach.

3. Open shelves are a possibility.

Since the best frameless kitchen cabinets don’t use a frame to form lips at each opening, you can eliminate the doors. If that is your preference, open storage can enhance the overall décor. Although some reinforcement may be necessary for some homes to give the product added strength, it is an affordable and reliable option that serves virtually every need.

4. You receive more storage space.

The lack of a face frame makes it easier for appliance storage, eliminating the clutter that appears on the countertop. Bread machines, food processors, blenders, and juicers can find homes without making it feel like the area is disorganized. With the framing bulk gone, you can put large pots and pans away while enjoying the benefits of modern living with the extra space you’ve created.

Are Frameless Kitchen Cabinets Right for My Home?

Although frameless kitchen cabinets are one of the best options to consider for the modern home, they may not be the right solution in every circumstance.

Frameless cabinets have little tolerance for error because the squareness of the look is essential to modern décor. Trying to complete the work by yourself can be challenging, especially since most houses are built out of square.

Economy options may not offer the same strength and versatility as custom frameless kitchen cabinets. When you focus on builder’s grade materials, the framed version may provide more long-term power in some designs.

There is also the trend factor to consider. If your goal is to create a home with long-term investment value, this update may not be suitable for your region. When you are settling down to raise a family, selecting this design works because anything you love is timeless.

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HSM cabinets retail pricing list

Is It Time to Update Your Kitchen?

HSM grew from customer demand for high-end, premium-quality furniture without the upcharges that you find from other stores and industries.

Our frameless cabinets have a complete retail price list for you to evaluate. This structure ensures that you can select the best designs that fit within your expected budget.

Verified professionals can receive extra discounts when selecting from our product list.

Our experts work with you on the design concept for your kitchen to ensure the frameless cabinets exceed your expectations. We can also work with you to build new laundry spaces, bathroom vanities, walk-in closets, wine room cabinetry, a wet bar in the den, and so much more.

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