Whether you are building a new home, purchasing a new residence, or wanting to remodel your kitchen, getting new cabinets has often been an expensive proposition. This is because for many years, consumers had two basic choices. Pre-made cabinets that were cheap, but often ill-fitting. Or customized cabinets that were high quality, but quite expensive. That has changed thanks to RTA (Ready to Assemble cabinets) that have reduced the price without taking away from the quality.
Even with RTA, when you consider the new kitchen cabinets average cost when shopping at a local or online retail or hardware store, you can quickly see just how much of a dent in your wallet it will create. It’s little wonder that many consumers think twice about ordering such cabinets given their expense.
However, there are companies such as HSM that can provide you with kitchen cabinet pricing online that is considerably less than you will find from traditional retail stores. By choosing HSM, you can get lower kitchen cabinets cost while still getting a high-quality product. There are good reasons why HSM has become a leader in the industry thanks to our unique position as a wholesaler.

HSM Kitchen Cabinets Cost

HSM offers two prominent cabinet designs based on their doors, but there are many sub-categories within each one. This means that you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Shaker Cabinets:

Shaker Cabinets: These are cabinets with the distinctive Shaker doors which are found in many kitchens around the world. They are quite attractive, yet easy to clean and maintain. Their relatively simple design augments most types of kitchen décor. For this example, the pricing list for Shaker Cabinets includes the following.

  • Doors: 18mm w/Lacquer
  • Drawer Box: Metal box
  • Drawer Front: 18mm MDF w/Lacquer
  • Shelves: 18mm w/Melamine
  • Top, Bottom, & Side Panels: All 18mm w/Melamine
  • Back Panel: 5mm MDF w/Melamine
  • Toe Kick: Aluminum w/Plastic Legs

In addition, the interior of the cabinet is White Melamine. The handles can be either hidden or surface mounted. And the hinges are traditional Chinese soft-close versions. Of course, even with all this information, there is still the wide variety of kitchen cabinets you can choose from just with Shaker Doors.

  • Single
  • Double
  • Refrigerator
  • Lift-Up
  • Corner
  • Single & Double Door Base
  • Spicy Basket Base
  • 2 Drawer Base and More

In addition to the different versions, they each come with their own specifications. This means that you can match the measurements to your needs. This is why RTA kitchen cabinets represent the best compromise between standard and customized cabinets on the market.

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets:

In addition to Shaker Doors, you can choose the frameless version which is distinguished by its smooth doors and sides. It offers a very modern appearance to any kitchen and yet fits right in with most kitchen décor. The dimensions are basically the same as the Shaker Doors with the only difference being the design of the door itself.

Again, you can choose between the many different types of cabinets that come with the frameless design. This means that you can choose from different sizes, shapes, and colors that best suits your kitchen needs. 

Keep in mind that the new kitchen cabinets average cost can be reduced at HSM if you are a professional. In other words, if you order frequently because you install our cabinets, then you can enjoy even greater savings. Look for the discounts offered to professionals as well as discounts when orders reach a certain level. This will help you in saving money while getting what you need.

RTA cabinets by hsm

10 x 10 Kitchen Cabinet Cost

While kitchens come in all different sizes and shapes, 10 x 10 is a common size and serves well as an example of what HSM can offer for you.

  • Basic: $1550
  • Full: $2200

This means that you can select a basic design for your kitchen, assuming it is 10 x 10, and have it become a part of your home for a fraction of the cost compared to standard retail outlets. By going with HSM, you can save money while getting the same high quality you expect from local and online retail stores.

Of course, if your kitchen is a different size, that can be worked out as well. You simply follow the guidelines by submitting the dimensions and then begin the process. Also keep in mind that the different sizes and designs come with their own costs. If you need assistance, HSM offers that as well thanks to our professional team.

Professional Assistance

Part of kitchen cabinet pricing online is the cost of professional assistance. This means even if you do not quite know what you want with your kitchen cabinets, you will get the design assistance needed to create a beautiful result. What you get when you choose this type of assistance is the following.

online design consultation
  • Online Design Consultation
  • Kitchen Style
  • Door Style
  • Free 3D Design Service: Available in 48 hours after it is ordered

This means that you work with a professional to create the kitchen of your dreams with the cabinet styles that are available.


HSM offers their unique knowledge, years of experience, and wide range of products designed for your home. Although primarily a wholesale supplier, consumers can take advantage by consulting the kitchen cabinets price list and choosing from the many selections available.

If you are looking for the best in kitchen cabinet online pricing that includes exceptional quality and wide variety, HSM is your kitchen cabinet wholesaler. We are a business that grew from the demand from customers who wanted high end quality furniture that didn’t include an expensive price tag. We have a professional team that works with you starting with the design concept for kitchens, bathroom vanities, laundry, walk-in wall robes, cupboards, cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room and more. Contact us, we will assist you in getting the dream products that you want.

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