If you are looking to create a classic England style casual kitchen, then you can start with the right materials to make the transformation complete. England style casual kitchen cabinets are still quite popular not only for their inherent beauty, but also they are quite practical and functional in nature. The natural wood textures which are augmented by the rustic kitchen cabinets make this type of kitchen timeless in appearance.

casual kitchen cabinets

Similar to a farmhouse kitchen style, the England style emphasizes natural wood textures, clean vintage hues, and solid construction to last for a long time. Everything begins with your budget and how much of a transformation you want to make. What follows are the basics when it comes to creating an England style casual kitchen.

Natural Wood Textures

Wood is the primary material used to create the cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces in this style of kitchen. Although in many cases the wood is painted, you should still strive for the rustic appearance that helps make this a classic look. This means the floors and walls, but also the tables and chairs should have the same appearance.

Large Ceramic Sink

If there is a standout feature to an England style casual kitchen, it is the large ceramic sink that tends to dominate the room. You can choose from different styles and colors, but the classic look includes the Belfast, farmhouse, or butler sinks that are more than large enough to scrub the pots and pans with ease. A raised design is also quite popular to help make the ceramic sink stand apart from the countertops.

Rustic Casual Kitchen Cabinets

In other words, a weathered appearance to your kitchen cabinets will help augment the look of the entire room. It says that this kitchen has seen plenty of meals prepared but is still beautiful and ready to serve your family for a long time to come. This means a rustic look to your cabinets combined with a weathered appearance to the table and chairs present in the kitchen.

England Style Casual Kitchen
England Style Casual Kitchen

Shaker Door Casual Kitchen Cabinets

The shaker style is simple and so attractive. It’s little wonder that this type of door is still highly popular in all types of kitchen designs. There is a refinement that oozes from the shaker door style which is why they are perfect in country and farmhouse kitchen style designs.

You can leave them natural or for an added English touch paint them in an oatmeal, buttermilk, or dove gray color depending on the tone you want to set for the kitchen. The in-frame construction of the doors makes them solid, functional, and beautiful.

You can either have an island or not, depending on the room available in the kitchen area. The island should mimic the overall style of the kitchen so that it compliments the appearance.

The England style causal kitchen emphasizes space, natural tones, and a rustic, timeless look that will always remain in style. From the natural wood textures to the shaker door kitchen cabinets, you can create a look similar to a farmhouse kitchen style that will serve your home well over the decades.  

Custom Casual Kitchen Cabinets From HSM

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