With winter coming around, many people will spend a lot more time inside. If you have a limited amount of footage, or if the place feels very cramped, consider getting a makeover. Check the following tricks and tips before planning your renovation project this season. In doing so, you learn how to make small homes seem a lot more spacious.

Spatial Design and Smart Storage

Clutter and insufficient storage will make a home feel uncomfortable and tight, no matter how large it is. If the square footage you have is limited, then you should be optimizing existing storage with meticulously-coordinated spatial design. You can use customized cabinetry to capitalize on vertical space. You can also use a customized closet system smart enough to utilize unused storage space. Regulating clutter should be prioritized when planning a renovation project.

Another smart storage tactic is to include interior cabinet accessories to organize your serving and cooking utensils. They will keep your kitchen island and countertops tidy and clear. You also have the ability to tuck your garbage can away and close the doors shut. The kitchen pantry can be optimized with all sorts of space-saving options. The fun doesn’t end at the kitchen, though. Other rooms inside your house can reap the rewards of customized cabinetry. You’ll have the option to organize your bathroom, home office, TV room, and even a laundry room!

Purpose and Scale

When adding decorative accents and furniture to a home, keep purpose and scale in mind, especially if the place is small. If you have a tiny TV room, then a large sofa should not be inside of it. You should keep the giant plants and coffee tables out of the room as well. Your decor, furniture, and area rugs should be appropriate for a room’s scale while also serving its purpose. This is also applicable for flooring that you select when planning a renovation project. In small homes, be mindful of scale by using smaller tiles and planks. Further, ensure that your flooring seamlessly flows from one room to another – particularly if your living space is open concept-centric. Options like luxury vinyl, creamy marble, and wood-looking tile can be used throughout the whole house. That includes wet spaces (such as the kitchen).

Optical Illusions

Besides optimizing storage, vertical kitchen cabinets can make ceilings look a lot higher. Raising drapery rods for the sake of visually elongating spaces will also achieve this aesthetic. Other approaches to counteracting low ceilings include painting the ceilings, moldings, and walls with the same neutral hue. If a light color is used, the rooms will look a lot more spacious. Blurring lines in a monochromatic matter can make it look like you have more space than you actually do. Other approaches to making the home seem more open and bright include adding mirrors, as light will be reflected throughout the room. You can also use glass doors on your cabinetry. Contemporary design choices (such as streamlined furniture, subway tile backsplashes, or basic pendant lights) can also add some style without cluttering small spaces.

The suggestions above can make any small home look a lot more spacious and comfortable. You’ll be able to embrace your home’s coziness rather than have it feel claustrophobic. By shopping for cabinets online at HSM cabinets, you’ll be able to use our popular DIY designing tool. You can also collaborate with our professional design team for free. These experts can help you put together a whole house solution that can accommodate your specific needs.

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