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If the bathroom of your dreams has a walk-in shower inside of it, you may be surprised to know that you can take this project on yourself. As daunting as this endeavor may seem, with the proper vision, tools, and support, you’ll be able to complete this project yourself successfully. The following article will provide you with several suggestions if you want to build your own walk-in shower.

Get Some Inspiration

The bathroom of your dreams has a walk-in shower inside of it. What else does it have, though? Browse social media sites or home magazines in order to determine what kind of styles you are partial to. Observe overarching themes (for instance, take note if the bathroom that has caught your attention is modern or traditional) and colors (for instance, are you drawn to vibrant or bright and light?). Be mindful of other elements that catch your eye. Does the tile flooring look like wood? Does the bathroom vanity have a white shaker style? After you determine what your objective is, making decisions will become much easier.

Check out Prefab Shower Kits

Based on how skilled you are at DIY projects, the best approach to installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom is to use a prefab shower kit. You can purchase these kits in regular sizes, but you should take measurements into consideration when coordinating your project. In theory, 32 inches should be left between the shower and various other fixtures inside the room. If newer spaces being measured out, be mindful that the sever door may hinge outward. Accessibility shouldn’t be a problem with the shower you install.

Establish the Plumbing Situation

Before beginning the DIY project, look for electrical or plumbing issues. You might find that the plumbing pipes are inhibiting the things you need to do. If installing a walk-in shower requires plumbing work, speak with a professional and get a quote about potential expenses involved.

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Put Together a Solid Plan

A vision board is not something you should be working on at this point. Before conducting any task on the home renovation checklist, a plan will need to be put together. This plan will entail the kind of backsplash tiles you wish to use, as well as the specific layout the bathroom will entail, among other details. Each aspect should be solidified before any physical work is done. For example, if the showerhead you were looking for has a rainfall effect, then you should have already researched the specific model to buy.

Put Together a Solid Plan
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Cost Calculations

When taking on a DIY walk-in shower project, you will need to figure out how a bathroom will be tiled and the type of tile to use on your walls. Determine what everything costs, including fixtures, tools, and materials, in addition to the tile. Make decisions that keep you within the budget you have established. That way, you won’t wind up spending any more money than you need to. You’ll be able to execute the project within a price range that you can afford.

Cost Calculations

Get the Permits You Need

After determining what the project will be comprised of, get in touch with the local HOA, as well as local building departments, to determine if permits will be required. More often than not, small projects won’t require permits, though making sure will work in your favor.

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When you purchase cabinets from HSM cabinets, you’ll be able to check items off the DIY renovation checklist without breaking the budget. We provide complimentary room designing services, which includes customized 3D rendered layouts. We can also provide you with a customized list containing the things that you will require, and the costs associated with them. This list can help you bring the bathroom of your dreams to fruition!

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