For quite some time now, kitchen islands have been popular. That is because they are practical, useful, and look great. A properly designed island can rejuvenate the kitchen and turn it into a functional and efficient living space.

Functional Kitchen Creation

The kitchen serves a different purpose for every household. But when you get down to brass tacks, it should serve as a functional room that allows you to get things done. Design a functional space by having an island added – one that accommodates your convenience and storage needs. When the kitchen is designed in a way that helps you, you’ll be able to concentrate on important things, such as spending time with your family and friends.

Food Preparation

If you enjoy entertaining and cooking, odds are pretty good you will spend a significant amount of time in front of your stove and countertops. Party hosts understand how much work goes into prepping and cooking. You should endeavor to incorporate things you’ll need in order to complete tasks. An island area can go a long way in helping you achieve this.

Incorporate Appliances Into Your Island

You will need some space for certain small size appliances that are part of your lifestyle. Here’s how they can be blended in seamlessly with the rest of your island’s design.

Island Sinks

Sinks are one of the very first things to consider. It will be an essential component of your food prep area. The larger sink should be reserved for washing heavy-duty dishes. The smaller sink can be designated for food rinsing. Creating multiple workstations provides you with a chance to serve food to guests quicker.

Island Microwave

Microwaves are another item suitable for a kitchen island. They serve several purposes, which includes concealing integrated appliances. Placing your microwave under a countertop keeps the appliance out of sight while retaining its accessibility for every member of your household, young and old. It also frees up space in the area you’d normally keep it. Placing the microwave at a low level is practical as well. A majority of designers position microwaves way too high, sometimes along the upper cabinetry. Reaching up to remove food isn’t safe, plain and simple. Keeping the microwave under your countertop makes it simpler to maneuver. The result – reduced burns and spills.

Island Fridges

A lot of homeowners want to integrate mini, wine, or beverage fridges into their designs. An island serves as a great space for this. It comes with a number of benefits as well, the first being added convenience. If you decide to add a fridge like this, you can create a textural contrast inside of your kitchen. Consider adding a small glass door to break the space up and make it more attractive. Create simple access for youngsters with a completely-stocked small fridge inside of the island. In doing so, they will have the ability to take whatever they require without worry or assistance.

Island Storage

You don’t have to integrate appliances into your island. By not doing so, you’ll be able to concentrate on whatever your storage requirements are. You’ll have space to integrate some base cabinets or drawers into your design. Consider open shelving if you want to display decorative items or recipe books. Drawers that you can pull out are great to store serving trays or large pots in. Keep tools nearby in easy-to-find places when you need them at a moment’s notice. One of the greatest aspects of an island cabinet is the fact that they aren’t as high as upper cabinetry is. You’ll have no shortage of storage solutions and can take what you need without a hassle. You won’t have to step on stools or screen your back to find things anymore!

Designating the Island as a Gathering Place

Kitchen islands have turned into gathering places for many families. Just about everybody ends up inside this particular room sooner or later each day. As such, making the space more visually appealing will stimulate people to come together there, either to talk or celebrate something.

Countertop Options

Selecting a suitable countertop to accommodate you is important if you are looking for a kitchen with functionality. If you intend to optimize your island, a strong option like quartz will be necessary. This durable choice can handle your food prep work, and it is also quite hygienic. Because quartz is nonporous, you needn’t worry about bacteria or germs. If you like to bake, consider going with marble, as you can roll dough on it and make all the desserts you want.

Do you want to optimize the efficiency of your kitchen? If you need an island with functionality to accommodate your family, then schedule a meeting with HSM today!

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