For years now, the kitchen design industry has been dominated by open floor plans, and with good reason. Space happens to be something that everybody craves when it comes to kitchens. Functional designs that allow people to go about freely go hand-in-hand with better enjoyment of the room. However, openness can also impede on privacy. This doesn’t need to be the case, though. There are creative and smart approaches to opening up space inside a kitchen. The following article will go over some examples of open floor plan kitchens, some of which may inspire you.

Kitchens with Open Floor Plans

From our perspective, a majority of homeowners tend to buy houses that have an existing open floor plan. Alternatively, they may opt to have their layout opened up when remodeling the room. Open floor plans can be great when you are entertaining guests. They provide an airy and vibrant feel to any home. Conversely, many homeowners have leniency towards more conventional kitchen layouts. Spaces that are more enclosed make it easier to conceal the mess and noise that kitchens tend to contain – especially when a homeowner is entertaining guests. Further, people who cook will appreciate the solace that comes with the separation galley kitchens provide, as opposed to the indirect exposure that accompanies an open layout. Both enclosed and open kitchen designs come with their own set of benefits. For the most part, choices boil down to one’s personal preferences.

Kitchen Design Options

If open concepts interest you, but incorporating a little privacy into the floor plan is important to you, there are some options at your disposal that will give you a totally open layout. Consider the following open floor plan choices that will provide you with some divisional space.

Kitchen Peninsulas and Islands with Two Tiers

Peninsula or island designs that are two-tiered block out the line of sight from an adjacent living space, as well as dirty dishes and cluttered countertops. They also offer additional space for people to hang out in. The family can eat breakfast there, or it can be the spot that you serve guests in. Many homeowners prefer having their sink in the island (as opposed to being adjacent to a window or against walls) when constructing two-tiered kitchen designs.

Partial Walls

It may become difficult to figure out where one particular area starts and another ends when things are intermingled. One approach to resolving this issue involves constructing partial walls. These types of walls can open a room up while still offering sufficient structure to isolate it from various other areas.


Under cabinetry lighting can make popular areas – such as the countertops – much more stylish and functional. Lackluster lighting can complicate simple tasks, whether that entails cleaning, reading, or preparing. One option to consider involves the installation of pendant lights. This trendy alternative can accent your existing decor, helping to define various areas in your home.

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Obviously, these are only a portion of examples that show how open kitchen concepts can be enjoyed without the need to sacrifice division or privacy.

If you are trying to come up with a way to upgrade the design of your kitchen and incorporate a layout that is more open, get in touch with HSM today. One of our cabinet consultants will be happy to work with you and put together the kitchen of your dreams.

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