Purchasing kitchen cabinets starts with looking at quality materials that last for a long time. It is why so many people choose solid wood kitchen cabinets because of beauty and durability. However, not all solid wood kitchen cabinets from China or other locations may be right for your needs.

After all, it is your money and what you pay for needs to be strong, durable, and have the right style. But searching can be a time-consuming effort. One way to help limit your search to only the best materials is to find solid wood kitchen cabinets online.

What are Solid Wood Cabinets?

As the name implies, these are cabinets that are creating from solid wood products. In other words, they are not made from manufactured wood products such as plywood. Instead, these are solid pieces of wood that are used to create the cabinets themselves.

Keep in mind that many cheap pre-constructed cabinets are made from wood products that have been glued together. The result is that you pay less but get a lower quality of wood that does not hold up long against the heat and moisture present in the kitchen.

That is why solid wood is recommended because it does not warp, bend, or otherwise lose its shape over time with the proper treatment. Being solid also means that they last longer and with a little maintenance can stay in like-new condition for a long time.

To find the ones that best fit your standards of quality along with your pocketbook, you will need to follow a few tips.

Budget & Need

People shop for solid wood kitchen cabinets for different reasons. For individuals, it may be that you are renovating your kitchen and need to update your cabinets. This applies to business owners as well who may want to create a new breakroom or lunch area for their employees.

In addition, professionals such as contractors and carpenters need access to high quality, affordable kitchen cabinets to install in homes and businesses. This means that unlike individuals who may only order solid wood kitchen cabinets once or twice in their lifetimes, contractors order them regularly to fulfill the needs of their business.


It helps to know the exact size needed before you shop for kitchen cabinets. If you have cabinets that you want to replace while keeping the same size, then all you need to do is measure their length, depth, and height. You should also measure the distance between the shelves and add or subtract if you want your new cabinets to have a different shelf arrangement.

Set a Budget:

Assuming you are an individual that needs new kitchen cabinets for your home, then you will want to set a budget that does not break your bank account. You may want to shop around first, but only for the purposes of finding sources that provide the right combination of high-quality materials at a low, competitive price.

Choose a Style:

You can select from several styles, colors, and sizes that best fit your needs. One popular choice is either framed or frameless cabinets for your kitchen. Frameless cabinets have smooth doors and minimal handles which creates a sleek, modern appearance. While framed cabinets usually have designs and a more ornate appearance with larger handles.

Be sure to pick the one that not only looks good in your kitchen today, but years from now as you will be looking at it every day. This is important because what may strike you as a great design right away needs to stand the test of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself replacing good kitchen cabinets that simply do not work with the décor you have selected. When searching for your solid wood kitchen cabinets, it is best to not only go online to find the styles, colors, and sizes you need. But also, to find the source that provides the best prices.

Shopping for Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets From China Online

It was not long ago that shopping for kitchen cabinets was done at the local hardware or home improvement store. There are still local cabinets makers today in communities around the world. However, custom kitchen cabinets while of high quality are also high in terms of pricing. They are customized and built from scratch which means that you can pay a considerable amount.

Conversely, pre-manufactured kitchen cabinets which come mostly from local hardware or home improvement stores are quite cheap, but also low in quality. Plus, they may not be in the size you need which makes them basically worthless for your home.

RTA or Ready to Assemble cabinets represent the best compromise between high quality and price. You get the same high standards as custom cabinets along with the right fit. And you only pay a fraction of the cost compared to the custom designs. Plus, they are of far higher quality compared to pre-manufactured cabinets.

RTA cabinets by hsm

You can find RTA cabinets online from manufacturing sources, some of which sell individual cabinet packages to customers. All you need to do is select the right size from the many different styles present and assemble the cabinets when they arrive. You can do the work alone or hire a professional to do the job for you.

Another advantage of shopping direct from the manufacturer that works with contractors, carpenters, and individuals is that the reputable ones will have designers on hand to help create the best kitchen cabinets for your need while adding little to the cost. That way, you get the right cabinets that fit your home with all the advantages of a custom installation but pay far less.

The best solid wood kitchen cabinets are available in many different styles crafted from high quality materials at a low, affordable price. Finding the right one starts with your budget and proceeds to locating the manufacturer that can offer what you need. Getting solid kitchen cabinets from China is a good choice given their high standards and wide variety of styles that are used.

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