Kitchen cabinets have never been more accessible for contractors – they are everywhere, including specialty stores, malls, big-box home improvement stores, and even online stores.  Considering these multiple options, how can you ascertain that you are getting the best quality kitchen cabinets at the right price?

best quality kitchen cabinets

All you have to do is lookout for these three factors when buying kitchen cabinets, either wholesale or from a big box store:

1.          Quality

Quality does not lie in appearance – a cabinet may look really nice yet made from inferior materials. So, when we talk about the quality of cabinets, it entails:

Construction Materials

The durability of a kitchen cabinet depends on the construction materials used. Big box store cabinets are often made from lower-quality materials combined with subpar construction methods. This is because the manufacturers want to minimize the price to attract mass-market consumers and maximize their profits. Conversely, wholesale cabinet manufacturers rely on the best quality materials – premium all-plywood materials – and durable construction methods to build lasting cabinets. Despite these, they offer the best pricing because they ship directly to the kitchen contractor, which means they save money by avoiding middlemen.

save money by avoiding middlemen

Cabinet Drawers

The most durable drawers are made from dovetail joints. Wholesale cabinet companies have adopted this method to ensure the durability and stability of the drawers. Big box store cabinet drawers, on the other hand, rely on staples and notched butt joints. While this method is faster, the assembling process forces the drawer face to break off or the drawer sides and bottom sagging after a few weeks of use.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet manufacturers that combine premium materials with detailed techniques create cabinet doors without knots or varying color patterns and the highest-quality 6-way adjustable hinges. The hinges used in a cabinet door determine how long it lasts before it becomes loose, saggy, or difficult to close correctly. The chances of finding soft-close, 6-way hinges or flawless door panels on big-box store cabinets are very low.

6-way hinges for kitchen cabinets

Dimension and Thickness

You can always get the exact thickness and dimensions of every component in the cabinet construction from a wholesale kitchen cabinet company. These companies use premium quality materials and make it easy for contractors to confirm these claims. Big box stores do not offer such information. Instead, the contractors will have to measure the cabinets themselves.

2.         Designers

The craftmanship and input from an experienced, professional kitchen designer can be all you need to give your clients the best kitchen cabinets.


When you work with wholesale cabinet manufacturers, you get to meet directly with an expert designer who provides you with a 3-D rendering of your kitchen design. The professional kitchen designer will input your precise measurements into the design tool and develop a layout for you. They will get into production as soon as you approve the layout.

Conversely, the hourly employee at a big box store is hardly a professional kitchen designer. They have neither the skills nor experience to help you as a contractor.

3.          Price

Contractors want the best quality cabinets at the best price for their clients. This is why they put in quality research while creating the budget for any kitchen renovation project.

While you may get cheap stock cabinets at big box stores, they come at the expense of quality. Even their higher-quality cabinets with nicer wood are made from less durable construction methods. They hardly stand the test of time.

HSM Cabinets is a wholesale cabinet company

Wholesale cabinet companies, on the other hand, always find a balance between price and quality. They sell directly to the contractor, cutting out the middlemen. This saves costs and helps them offer the best prices. HSM Cabinets is a wholesale cabinet company offering premium kitchen cabinets at 50% less than the prices at big box home improvement stores. Going for wholesale cabinets can help you and your clients save considerably on cabinet costs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Where do you buy premium kitchen cabinets

What is a big box store?

Big box stores are retail home improvement stores offering cabinets to both consumers and contractors. Similar to what is obtainable in other retail stores, they mark up their product prices to arrive at their profit margin while relying on high-volume sales to keep their business model afloat.

Which should you work with between cabinet dealers and big box stores?

While big-box stores offer somewhat low prices, they come at the expense of quality. Wholesale cabinet dealers offer high-quality products at the best prices by eliminating the middlemen in the sales process.

How do you buy wholesale kitchen cabinets?

As a contractor looking to buy wholesale kitchen cabinets, your priority should be the quality. Look out for RTA cabinet companies like HSM Cabinets offering products made from high-quality materials and the best construction techniques. Wholesale kitchen cabinets help you save money while giving your clients the best.

RTA cabinets by hsm

Where can you buy inexpensive cabinets?

Consider wholesale cabinet companies if you want less expensive cabinets made from better quality materials. Wholesale kitchen cabinet makers will conveniently handle all aspects of the sales process, from design to delivery.

At HSM Cabinets, we pride ourselves on serving kitchen contractors who want a wide range of premium all-plywood kitchen cabinets at the best rates. We offer wholesale prices on our cabinets, alongside top delivery and order fulfillment services.

We welcome you to become an HSM kitchen cabinet dealer today. Being a dealer comes with access to our digital catalog and assurances of seamless and timely order delivery.

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