Clients’ needs essentially follow the same pattern most times – they want a kitchen that saves time and makes things easier. So, your role as a kitchen cabinet contractor is to develop a kitchen design that factors in efficiency, durability, and thoughtful features that drive efficiency. Clients also expect a top-notch finish that guarantees longevity.

a top-notch finish

The journey to an excellent and satisfactory kitchen design for your clients starts right from purchasing the right cabinets. It is best to buy wholesale cabinets online to get unique designs that meet clients’ preferences. As a contractor, you can work with manufacturers who produce cabinets to get extras such as wine racks, spice racks, plate racks, in-built trash cabinets, and more.

kitchen cabinets storage system

Asides from the convenience, these add-ons improve the functionality and style of the overall design. Your key role as a kitchen cabinet contractor is to give your clients premier quality cabinets at the market’s best rates.

Below are 7 reasons you should buy wholesale kitchen cabinets directly from manufacturers

1.          High-quality assured.

Kitchen cabinets will only be considered ‘high-quality’ when they can hold up daily use by the family for about two to three decades without losing the durability and style. It isn’t easy to ascertain the quality of the cabinets from a retail store. After all, the retailers do not have a say in the manufacturing process, product sourcing, selection, craftmanship, or finish. Conversely, buying directly from a manufacturer removes all these doubts.

Most kitchen manufacturers have a website where you can buy wholesale kitchen cabinets directly as a contractor. There is a specific section of their website where you can find the list of products and their manufacturing process. This transparency offers the much-needed guarantee that you are going for quality products. For best results, go for cabinets made from a solid birch frame and a veneered MDF center panel. Also, watch out for the concealed European-style soft-close hinges and the complete overlay doors.

Having dovetail joints in the drawers and under-mount epoxy drawer glides ensures the seamless opening and closing of the drawer. You should also lookout for a clear, UV-coated natural interior that shows the wood grain.

All of these are typical features of quality online wholesale cabinets.

2.         You get a complete cabinet selection.

Retail stores often offer limited cabinet sizes because retailers stock the standard sizes to meet the mass-market consumers’ demands. Contractors often require these special sizes to achieve their clients’ preferred kitchen design – these are hardly available in retail stores.  However, wholesale cabinet online stores offer these special sizes as part of their wider size selections.


Asides from the specialty sizes, buying wholesale cabinets online affords contractors the chance to offer their clients more options. From shaker-style cabinets to frameless kitchen cabinets, there is almost everything you need to achieve any type of kitchen design – transitional, contemporary, or modern.

Clients interested in a more traditional style kitchen will prefer the shaker and frameless style kitchen cabinets, while traditional look fans will be interested in the Shaker-style drawers and doors combined with the right embellishments and overlays.

3.          Access to cabinet door samples.

Kitchen cabinet contractors sometimes struggle to provide adequate pictures of the recommended kitchen cabinets to homeowners. Working with the manufacturer removes this limitation. As a contractor, a manufacturer can supply a complete set of cabinet door samples. A cabinet dealer gets an 25-piece set of cabinet door samples for free.

kitchen doors sample

These sample doors help the contractor’s marketing efforts and show how committed you are to giving your clients the best. Also, it ensures the contractor and the homeowner are on the same page regarding flooring, color, and finishing choices.

4.         Buy at wholesale prices.

Buying directly from the manufacturer helps save considerably on kitchen cabinets. Unlike retailers who are all out to make profits, the manufacturers offer you wholesale rates when you buy directly from them. In most cases, wholesale rates help you save up to 50% of the retail stores’ regular prices. It even gets better when you place a bulk order for a large project because the manufacturers may offer free shipping for such unusual orders.

kitchen cabinets directly from the manufacturer

So, if you are working on an extensive kitchen project or multiple kitchen renovations simultaneously, it is best to buy your wholesale kitchen cabinets directly from the manufacturer. The pricing in such cases is relatively lower than what is obtainable in retail stores. So, you help your clients save money without compromising on quality.

5.          Shopping is easier.

You can buy your wholesale kitchen cabinets from the manufacturers directly using their websites. This removes the need to be physically present at the store or manufacturing plant. All you have to do is go through their line of cabinets and choose the products that meet your clients’ preferences.

kitchen cabinets from HSM

You can also keep the details of your previous purchases on these websites to make reorders seamless.

6.         Access to expert knowledge and guidance.

Working with manufacturers gives you access to experienced craftsmen who built the products on the catalog. For instance, our craftsmen at HSM cabinets are always available to leverage their experience and expertise in home renovations to help you make the right decisions.

craftsmen at HSM

The goal is to serve you with valuable information, alongside quality, affordable, and durable cabinetry, both ready-to-assemble and pre-assembled pieces. You also enjoy great customer service that provides maximum satisfaction at every stage of your project. There is a five-year warranty on every successful purchase.

So, you can always count on everyone at HSM cabinets to deliver expert kitchen design services that meet your specific needs, including ordering guidance, timely shipping updates, and swift delivery.

7.          Next-day direct shipping arrangement.

Our website is always open to contractors who want to order. All successful orders made for ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets start to manufacture the next day. You can have them delivered to your workshop or the client’s home.

For wholesale assembled cabinets, we deliver in 15-25 business days. The increasing competition in the home remodeling industry means you cannot afford to lose your place to faster and more proactive kitchen cabinet contractors.

We offer you a seamless online wholesale cabinet shopping experience at HSM Cabinets to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Buying wholesale kitchen cabinets directly is the way to go.

Over the last 17 years, HSM Cabinets have created a sterling reputation as manufacturers of high-quality wholesale cabinets for closets, bathrooms, and kitchens at wholesale pricing. We are always available to help you actualize your clients’ dream kitchens with the best cabinets.


We offer ready-to-assemble (RTA) and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets to dealers at 50% less than the traditional home improvement store rates. You are always welcome to check out our free samples and use them in your marketing and presentations.

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