There are many reasons to love white kitchen cabinets – they beautify the kitchen, hardly go out of style, and offer several style options to choose from. Whichever type of white cabinets your clients are going with, the tone of the room is determined by their preferred hardware. For clients who prefer a mix of luxury and elegance, gold will do the trick. Gold hardware goes quite well with almost every white kitchen cabinet, including the white Shaker-style kitchen cabinets.

If you are unsure where to start, we have some top recommendations for you.

9 Combinations of Gold and White Kitchen Design Ideas You Should Try

1.          Traditional Gold

Asides from the yellow undertone, the traditional gold hardware adds to the white kitchen cabinets. It makes the kitchen space more spacious. You can also introduce polished gold accents in lighting.

2.         Brushed Gold

White kitchen cabinets combined with the brushed gold hardware reflect the beauty of the gold light fixtures. But that is not all – the contemporary feel and sophistication the brushed gold adds to the space are also important.

3.          Matte Gold

Matte gold hardware combined with white kitchen space creates a warm and bright space. For instance, matte gold handles create a contemporary style that makes the kitchen more elegant and transitional in style.

4.         Rose Gold

Rose gold is slightly cooler than yellow gold, and it looks magnificent when combined with excellent all-white cabinets, adding that color spark. Rose gold is different from other shiny golds – it is best used adjacent to stainless steel appliances.

5.          Golden champagne copper

If you are looking for a warm spark with the white Shaker-style cabinets, go for the champagne copper hardware. Asides from the pop of pink, the champagne copper is not as brassy as the traditional gold. So, it is ideal for contemporary, transitional, and even traditional kitchens.

Other metallics offering a “golden” look

6.         Antique brass

The vintage feel antique brass adds to any kitchen is undeniable. Despite the heavy ‘gold’ coloring, it blends properly with other warm accents in the room, making the entire space warm and inviting.

7.          White hardware plus gold highlights

You can also help your clients achieve a white and gold blend by going for hardware that combines the two colors. This clearly adds a blend of gold to all-white Shaker cabinets without looking out of place.

The resulting contemporary and sophisticated look is excellent for both kitchen remodeling or advanced kitchen updates. White kitchen cabinets are very versatile – throwing gold hardware into the mix adds a new feel and creates a contemporary appearance.

8.         Bronze with gold highlights

You can never go wrong with a combination of white cabinets and bronze hardware. The bronze hardware has gold highlights that reflect the gold finish of the faucet while introducing new and appealing visual accents to the cabinets.

Gold Hardware is a Proven Way of Facelifting White Cabinets

You can find up to 10 cabinet lines in HSM, including different white shades and finishes. Whether you prefer a warm and cool tone or glossy and matte finishes, we have it all in stock. Once you know what your client wants in terms of style, you can check through our cabinet gallery to see what selection of gold hardware works best for the update.


Our expert kitchen cabinet designers at HSM are always available to actualize your client’s kitchen design dreams to make it great for entertainment, dining, and cooking.

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