Shaker Cabinets are the secret to timeless kitchen styles that reflects your personal style choices. There are so many options to choose from, from white to subtle gray tones and their multiple variants. The style is also ideal for all kitchen types – traditional, modern, contemporary, or transitional.

white shaker kitchen cabinets

Introducing the Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets represent functionality and simplicity. Premium-quality cabinetry with a minimalist style delivered through best-in-class craftmanship the HSM cabinets are known for. The customary Shaker Style designs are known for their flat center panel coupled with square edges and minimal detailing. You are not getting an elaborate decorative embellishment in a Shaker Kitchen, but the practical design comes with clean, symmetrical lines that beautify your space.

Shaker Cabinets are popular and here is why

The Shaker Cabinets have been consistently proven to be functional, versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing in different design environments. Hence, they are widely accepted by homeowners and contractors alike.

Shaker Cabinets is the ideal choice for all kitchens

The clean lines and little embellishments highlight the minimalistic design of Shaker Cabinets. This makes it suitable for all kitchen design styles, from rustic to contemporary and even modern setups. You can find Shaker Cabinets in multiple colors at HSM, including all shades of wood, black, gray, and white. Green- and blue-themed Shaker Cabinets are also in increasing demand among contractors and homeowners.

green shaker kitchen cabinets

15 Shaker Cabinet Ideas To Consider In Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

1.          Timeless Shaker-Style Kitchen

This kitchen style is timeless because a setup installed two decades ago can still appear clean, modern, and attractive as the trendy brand-new kitchens of today. Most American design and construction projects used Shaker-style cabinets as their primary framed cabinet style. These designs can also be paired to arrive at uniquely different outcomes.

2.          Modern White Shaker Cabinets

Modern kitchens are synonymous with white shaker cabinets, which are most preferred for modern kitchens. Most modern touches like decorative accents, contemporary artwork, and smart appliances all blend with this design’s clean lines.

grey and white kitchen cabinets

The gray and white Shaker Cabinets perfectly complement the beautiful overall gray and white theme in this luxury home. 

3.          Cost-effective Shaker Style

You will spend less on a unit of Shaker-style cabinetry than other cabinet styles with extensive millwork.

farmhouse-style kitchen are combined with granite countertops

The white shaker cabinets in this farmhouse-style kitchen are combined with granite countertops.

4.          Easy-to-clean kitchen with Shaker style

Despite being aesthetically pleasing, cleaning embellished kitchen cabinets does not come easy. The simple lines in Shaker-style kitchen cabinets attract less dust and grime. Hence, they require minimal cleaning and maintenance efforts.  With water and mild cleaners, you can wipe easy-to-clean white Shaker cabinets clean.

5.          Cool and basic design

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are created to be visually calming. This is why a white Shaker kitchen cabinet design will come in handy when creating a low-stress home environment.

white Shaker kitchen cabinet design

Enjoy a blend of calming feel and airiness when you combine white Shaker cabinets and open counter space.

6.          Vertical lines can add height

Shaker-style cabinets are known for their flat, solid cabinet doors. These doors usually have border trim in the same color and material, which creates more height to make the kitchen more spacious.

 gray Shaker cabinets

The gray Shaker cabinets used here highlight the boldness of this contemporary gray kitchen.

7.          Shaker cabinets for classic kitchens

You will find several templates of kitchen cabinet designs built on the classic appearance of Shaker cabinets.

white shaker cabinets combined with a dark wood kitchen island

Here are the white shaker cabinets combined with a dark wood kitchen island.

8.          Durable, long-lasting wood construction

HSM offers Shaker cabinets of premium-quality and semi-custom designs made from all-plywood construction. There are many options to choose from, from the tight lines of maple to the broader oak texture, all available in different stained and natural colors.

white granite countertops and dark oak Shaker cabinets

The kitchen here combines white granite countertops and dark oak Shaker cabinets, and a white and gray backsplash.

9.          Popularity of white Shaker cabinets

In 2020, Houz Kitchen Trend carried out a survey that showed 61% of homeowners choose white Shaker cabinets because it offers a clean, open kitchen setup.

For instance, the white Shaker cabinets blended excellently with the dark hardwood floors, the stainless-steel appliances, and the white granite countertops.

10.        Shaker-style cabinets combined with modern appliances

Almost all modern appliances bend well with the simple geometric lines of Shaker kitchen cabinets. This is a versatility the more embellished cabinet styles cannot deliver. Now you can enjoy the simple classic appearance the Shaker cabinets are known for irrespective of your appliances’ choice.

This kitchen contains a few smart appliances in stainless gray, paired with the gray Shaker cabinets to arrive at a completely modern look. There is a perfect fit between the appliances, the cabinets’ geometric lines, and the black and gray countertops.

11.        Shaker cabinets combined with open shelving

Shaker kitchen cabinets offer this classic, basic, yet refined appearance that blends perfectly with the open shelving system to give you well-organized kitchen space.

white Shaker kitchen with open shelving

Here is an all-white Shaker kitchen with open shelving, with the all-white dishware and serving pieces serving as decorations.

12.        Shaker kitchen cabinets for contrast

A simple way to arrive at an attractive design contrast is to pair two or more different design elements. It is all about creating a balance between different but complementary colors and materials. Shaker cabinets offer aesthetically pleasing visual contrast, thanks to their neutral backdrop.

This kitchen’s retro look is achieved by combining the white Shaker island with the gray Shaker cabinets pair with the red pendant lights serving decorative purposes.

13.        Shaker cabinets with a statement backsplash

If you ever decide to go for a kitchen backsplash, you can trust your Shaker kitchen cabinets to blend in perfectly with your new decorating ideas.

white Shaker cabinets and the blue kitchen island

This gray subway tile blends perfectly with the white Shaker cabinets and the blue kitchen island.

14.        Shaker cabinets with special accessories

You can add variety and style to any room with the right accessories, including wrought iron, iron-nickel. Gold, brass, silver, chrome, and other glossier materials are also excellent fits.

 white Shaker cabinets are complemented by the gold hardware

In this setup, the white Shaker cabinets are complemented by the gold hardware to signify luxury.

15.        Shaker kitchen cabinets as RTA cabinets

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are the more friendly version of kitchen cabinets. They are more accessible and easier to assemble/install. At HSM, you will find a wide range of RTA Shaker Kitchen cabinets to choose from.

light gray Shaker cabinets with wood countertop

The light gray Shaker cabinets used here helped add a neutral tone to the kitchen wall’s stonework. The wood countertops and light wood floor make the entire space even more welcoming and comfortable.

Choose Shaker Cabinets For Your Next Kitchen Design Project

You can transform any kitchen space with the white or gray high-quality Shaker kitchen cabinets from HSM. You enjoy wholesale rates when you buy directly from the factory. You can also order both pre-assembled kitchen cabinets and ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets at 40% less than home improvement stores’ rates.


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