One of the more popular finishes we have for kitchen cabinets is winter white. Don’t be fooled by the seasonal term – it is a favorite all year-round. White cabinetry tends to be favored more than other colors. Even in cases where white is considered out of style, it always remains one of the top three selections when it comes to cabinet color choices.

For this question to be answered, we will go over some kitchen remodeling projects so you can see what makes white cabinets transcend trends.

Spacious and Airy

Our eyes tend to perceive things in a peculiar way. Dark colors remind us of nighttime or enclosed spaces. On the other hand, lighter colors represent nature and sunshine. As such, our brains associate bright colors and light with spacious and airy surroundings. For example, this kitchen was refaced in a unique walnut glaze and antique white tone. It perfectly articulates the way white cabinets can make small kitchens feel bigger. Homeowners that have medium or large kitchens will also appreciate this aspect.

Bright and Light

“Brighter and lighter” are a couple of fancy buzzwords linked to white kitchens. There is a very good reason why this is so. If you have a kitchen that natural light cannot access, or if you are interested in capitalizing on any available light, then white finishes will be the best approach to go about doing so.

LRV (Light Reflectance Value) measures the amount of light that a color can reflect. If the LRV is high, then more light can be reflected, adding more vibrance to a room. To no surprise, white contains an LRV that is almost 100%. Conversely, absolute black comes with a 0% LRV.

Clean and Fresh

The fact of the matter is that white cabinets are not any cleaner or fresher then dark ones. Their value comes down to associations and illusions. Good hygiene and cleanliness are priceless kitchen attributes. It is difficult to conceal mildew/mold, dirt, and food stains on surfaces that are white. You can see white countertops and cabinets that are nonporous in the picture below. White, bright kitchens go hand-in-hand with safe and clean places to eat in without feeling like you are surrounded by bacteria.

Simple to Decorate

Selecting fixtures, styles, patterns, and colors isn’t always so fun. In fact, it may take a decent amount of effort and time. Fortunately, white blends well with just about everything. It is pairable with all sorts of flooring choices and countertop surfaces. Selecting white can simplify the process of remodeling the kitchen.

If you are worried that a white cabinet will look too bland or stark, check out the kitchen style below, which features large white cabinetry. You can see how it maintains a welcoming and homey feel, which is achieved with subtle color accents. The decor adds warmth, interest, and die mentioned.

Timeless White

When you get down to brass tacks, white cabinetry is simply timeless. They’ve been trendy for decades now. Timeless kitchens warrant remodeling infrequently. Also, white cabinetry adds value to a kitchen when it comes time for a homeowner to sell the property.

Buying White Kitchen Cabinets From HSM

HSM is an iconic business that was cultivated to fulfill the demand for profound, luxurious furniture without the expensive price tag. Remember, buying kitchen cabinets from China should never have to be challenging or make you go broke, and with the HSM team on your side, you will be able to have a seamless, fully custom result that is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions.

So, if you are seeking a professional team to work with on your design concept, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry, walk-in-wall robes, cupboards, cabinetry for the study, bar, wine room or something else altogether, contact HSM today so you can start your journey to turning your home decor visions into a reality. 

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