It is hard for us to pick one favorite when it comes to cabinetry door styles, as we are invested in all of them emotionally.

Having said that, when it comes to choosing a universal style of door, we can easily say our favorite cabinet doors are ones with a shaker-style.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Are an Enduring Choice for Any Kitchen Design

The shaker spiritual community’s heyday took place in the middle-to-late 1800s. Shakers lead lives that were dedicated to practicality and simplicity (they resembled the local population of Quaker). They specialize in producing wooden furniture that was homemade. Shaker-built cabinet doors have become renowned for their plain, stile, and rail construction.

Shaker-style cabinetry doors mesh well with all sorts of design choices for a number of reasons, including the following:

Their Appearance Remains Ageless

A shaker-style door transcends trendiness – this particular style is a tenant of timeless design. The shaker door simplicity is a big part of the appeal, as they look like flat-panel doors, but feature a moderately heightened border and more depth. It is a straightforward and basic look, and has a little bit of detail that garners interest. By beginning with a fundamental foundation like this, your cabinetry will come across as relevant for years to come. Best of all, the only modicum of change will affect the hardware, color, and/or finish.

Everyone Appreciates Them

Shaker-style cabinet doors tend to be used by modernists and traditionalists alike. Modernists enjoy an unfettered appearance and clean lines. Traditionalists are partial to timeless appearances, generally opting to go with drawer pulls and door handles that are slightly ornate (especially if they want a little bit of detail in their doors). Transitional kitchen designs sometimes integrate shaker-style doors with some decorative columns. They might even include accouterments on either the hood or kitchen island (or somewhere else entirely).

They Look Fantastic in Both Stain and Color

Shaker-style doors integrate with color and painted laminate quite well. Both options result in beautiful appearances that can help you accomplish your intended design style. Conversely, the door’s broad panels will emphasize its gorgeous wood-grain natural patterns. Wood stains serve as a popular finish, too.

They Are Simple to Maintain

Professionals and busy families appreciate “low maintenance” kitchen selections. The basic design of a shaker-style door makes way for simple cleaning. You don’t have to worry about copious ridges like you would with traditional doors, as they are notorious for trapping debris, dust, and grease residue. Shaker-style cabinet doors require minimal effort, and can be cleaned easily with a simple wipe-down. If a kitchen design with low maintenance is important to you, we encourage you to select laminate-finish cabinets. They are quite durable, and simple to polish and clean in contrast to real wooden doors.

They Come at a Reasonable Cost

For the most part, this style of cabinet door will not exceed your budget. They come with price points that are quite reasonable because of their basic construction. Also, their timelessness is what makes them worth considering.

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