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Nowadays, couches are one of the most important pieces of furniture in many people’s living rooms, especially for couch potatoes. HSM offers couches that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Whether you are looking for couches for formal living rooms or cozy family rooms, our collection can meet your wholesale needs.

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Our wide selection of contemporary couches includes 2- and 3-seater couches, as well as oversized couches to accommodate even more people. From minimalist to tufted to curved structures, we have ideal couches for you. With a wide range of colors, upholstery options, and exclusive modern design and comfort features, our couches are suitable for your high wholesale requirements. In addition to various widths, we also have couches for different height and depth constraints. Some of them have functional features such as adjustable headrests, movable or liftable back cushions, and reclining seats.


Both are forms of divan, the Turkish word meaning an elongated cushioned seat, although the word “couch” comes from the Old French couche, meaning to lie down, and the sofa originated in the East. No matter how you spell it, sofa simply means comfort—at least it does today. And we believe that comfort is the greatest meaning of couches. HSM insists on providing you with comfortable couches. High-quality leather, silk velvet cushions, breathable bouclé fabrics, etc.—our team sticks to carefully selecting high-quality and popular couches for you. There are also couches made of other fabrics such as canvas, velvet, performance fabric, twill, textured weave, linen, chenille, slipcover fabrics, and more.

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Our beautiful collection of Italian couches comes with a variety of innovative features, such as adjustable headrests, manual and electric recliners, attached ottomans, and storage compartments for added convenience. Some couches have removable back cushions that can be flipped back and forth to create a deeper, more supportive seat. There are also some couches with an open structure that replaces one of the armrests with an attached ottoman. This is called a peninsula structure and is also a favorite of many wholesale customers. Couches with storage are practical for a clutter-free space. No matter what function, our goal is to provide couches with added value and comprehensive advantages to help your wholesale furniture business run smoothly.

In addition to some functional features mentioned above, intricate details such as stitching, piping, tufting, and geometric accents are style elements that seamlessly add beauty and make your wholesale couches stand out in the furniture market. A quality couch demonstrates the manufacturer’s professionalism, craftsmanship, and incredible attention to detail, which is why HSM has become the first choice of its wholesale furniture customers.

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The superior construction of HSM’s couches includes feather-filled linings, different densities of polyurethane foam, and even a memory foam lining for an incredible seating experience. You don’t have to worry about sales because these couches are beautiful, comfortable, and popular with consumers. No matter what your target market is, you can find a style of couch to suit it. Simple couches feature linear designs, while ornate ones feature chesterfield tufting and more.

When you wholesale with HSM, you can rest easy. We carefully pack each couch in order to ship the products intact to your warehouse or brick-and-mortar store. Our experienced team will always be by your side to help with any problems you may have. At HSM, it is possible for you to wholesale premium couches at a budget-friendly price. For more discounts or information, send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

FAQs about Couches Wholesale

We wholesale a variety of furniture including living room sets, dining room sets, bedroom sets, outdoor furniture, office furniture, and more. We cater to a diverse range of styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic.

Our minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of couches. Please contact our sales team for specific details.

Orders can be placed directly through our website or by contacting our sales team.

Delivery times vary depending on the size of the couch order and destination. Our team will provide an estimated delivery time once the order is confirmed.

Yes, we encourage customers to visit our showroom to experience our couches pieces firsthand. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Yes, we understand that seeing and feeling the material can be an important part of the decision-making process. We can provide a couch sample upon request. Please contact our sales team for more details.