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Loveseats are small sofas that seat two people, making them ideal for compact spaces like small apartments. And in a spacious living room, a loveseat can complement other furniture and make the whole room feel more like home. As one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, the loveseat is flexible in its use and an essential complement to a sofa, making it ideal for living room furniture wholesale.

Wholesale Loveseats
Reclining Loveseats

various styles of loveseats

Modern loveseats have clean lines and tend to be angular. Their legs are often hidden or very short. While many designs include straight lines, they are softer than modern sofas and are combined with plush cushions for a more appealing look.

In addition to modern, other styles include mid-century modern, contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, transitional, glam, rustic, boho, and more.

From traditional to trendy, explore loveseats in a variety of fabrics. HSM assists with your wholesale business. For example, a modern apartment sofa in leather or velvet fabric creates a stylish look when paired with plush throw pillows. Or, a classic-style free-standing or sectional loveseat that accentuates the minimal silhouette of other living room seating. Depending on your audience, whether it is an office worker with a small apartment or a family living in a luxurious villa, choose suitable loveseats wholesale.

some of wholesale Loveseats designs

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types of loveseats to choose from

Upholstered Loveseats

Upholstered loveseats provide a soft and comfortable seating option that is perfect for small living rooms and outdoor patios. Your customers can place this furniture anywhere they want to create an extra cozy atmosphere.

Tufted Loveseats

Tufting is a classic furniture style that also comes in loveseat form. Complete the room with a chic tufted loveseat that balances design aesthetics and function. There are many tufting designs to choose from in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Reclining Loveseats

Furnish a place with a reclining loveseat that allows people to lounge in the best possible way. Your customers won’t have to worry about the space it takes up because it’s still as compact as a standard loveseat. The wholesale reclining loveseat is likely to be an advantage for you, as it combines the features of both a loveseat and a recliner.

Pull-out Loveseats

A pull-out loveseat is also a great option for creating a multipurpose room, such as a den or guest room. People may not have enough space in their home to have a spare bedroom, but a pull-out loveseat offers the option of expanding into a bed when needed with minimal space. As a result, it is probably a good idea for you to order the pull-out loveseat wholesale.

Upholstered Loveseats
boho loveseat

all about loveseat sizes

The length of a loveseat can vary between different manufacturers, but the majority of loveseats you’ll find on the market are 48 to 72 inches long, and you can also find them at HSM. There are a few standard sizes for loveseats available for wholesale, including:

  • Standard small loveseat: 48–52 inches
  • Medium loveseat: 58 inches
  • Large loveseat: 72 inches

Other measurements you should know include:

  • Average seat depth: 20–24 inches
  • Average overall depth: 32–40 inches, with the standard depth being 35 inches

With over 10 years of experience in the home furniture industry, HSM has grown into a large, professional furniture wholesaler. Take HSM’s loveseats, its exquisite product line offers an impressive selection of durable pieces at affordable prices for almost any room in the home. If you have any questions about wholesale loveseats, feel free to contact us, and we are ready to help you out.

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